BigDog, The Scariest Robot on Earth

My roommate Garrett just forwarded me this link and OMG is this some intense robot action! The video above features a robot called BigDog, which is a quadruped robot that has legs which are articulated like an animal’s, sort of like a big, robotic deer. The thing is a technologic masterpiece, featuring advanced control systems that allow it to navigate, balance, sense things like joint position and force, and even monitors internal states like teperature, rpm, and battery charge. This thing is the real deal.

I think this thing is damn creepy, in all honesty. Like the fact that it uses a diesel engine means it makes that intense buzzing sound, which if I were out in the woods alone and I heard that, I’d shit myself. It’s also pretty creepy because there’s nothing it can’t do. I mean, the dude in the video KICKS IT AND IT DOESN’T FALL! As we were watching the video my roommate suggested that he would kick it… obviously that isn’t an option. I’m also pretty sure when they say that it runs on “diesel” they mean “human innards.”

If you’d like some more info check out the Boston Dynamics website, it’s pretty rad and they have a few more robots to check out as well.


August 13, 2008