This weekend I did manage to make it out to the aforementioned Simpleasures show, though sadly I’m still not quite the rich man I’d love to be, so I was good and didn’t buy anything. But I did make sure to check in on some of the artists like Liam Devowski, who’s a part of a new art collective called NEON GRAY. The group is bi-coastal-ish, wwith Liam in San Francisco and the rest of the crew, Benjamin Domanico, Joyce Kim, and Samel Ortiz-Payero, all living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Together they have a pretty slick portfolio of work, ranging from zines, to typography, to apparel, to the images you see above, basically a mediation on how awesome California is. The images were inspired by the classic book of the same name, and features digital photos “of the ever-changing landscape that is the California coast.” I think they capture the diversity of California pretty damn well, and certainly make me proud to be a Californian!


August 11, 2008