Dan Funderburgh’s Gravity’s Rainbow Print

Since I’ve been working so much lately I feel like I’ve been out of the loop, but thankfully I have rad friends who fill me in on things I may have missed. For example, Dan Funderburgh emailed me today letting me know that he and his buddy Dylan Fareed over at I Am Still Alive released this awesome letterpressed poster.

The poster is a 3 three color print and features a bunch of Dan’s signature tools, starting with a cleaver, then a throwing knife(?), then a hunting knife, scissors, an x-acto, a fork and finally a dart. The poster comes in two different versions, an open edition for $30, or a limited edition for $100, both of them signed by the artist. I think this is such a rad poster and Dan is such a creative guy that it always makes me happy to see more of his work. You can pick one of these up by clicking here.


August 8, 2008