Oh man I’m so excited! So it’s already August, which means the next installment of DESKTOP BATTLE! is here and ready to destroy some people’s faces. First I want to start off with the sponsor of this month’s battle, the awesome folks over at SELECT, Threadless’ curated line of t-shirts which feature awesome artists from around the world. I happened to have a connection over there so I was able to score an ample amount of prizes for you all! Here’s the breakdown:

1st place = 5 SELECT t-shirts and 2 issues of Faesthetic
2nd place = 2 SELECT t-shirts and a copy of Faesthetic
3rd place = 1 SELECT t-shirt

In order to win these awesome prizes, I need you to make the most wallpaper you possibly can based around the idea of FACIAL HAIR. That doesn’t mean just drawing some face with a beard on it, I’ll e-crumple your entry for doing that. I want to see crazy ass beards, moustaches on dogs, pencils ‘staches on grandmas, and handlebars killing things. I’m hoping this is specific enough without being too narrow, so be super-creative and have a ton of fun with it! Here are the rest of the rules:

Please create your wallpaper at 3840px x 2400px, but send me a small JPG to preview. If you win I’ll ask you to send me your larger sized version. Also be sure to create it in RGB mode only.

You’ve gotta send your wallpaper to me August 24th, 2008 at Midnight PST. Anything sent past this time will be disqualified because I say so.

Send all wallpapers to:
If you have any questions about the project, feel free to leave them in the comments section because someone else could be wondering the same thing!

I hope everyone has fun with this one, there’s so many rad prizes to be won, not to mention being the jugular-ripping winner of DESKTOP BATTLE! The DWP will still be on for Wednesday as well, so be sure to check back again.

August 4, 2008