Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s August already! Time is certainly flying. I wanted to make a quick post about my lack of posting this week. On Monday I started an amazing new job as the designer for a new startup company called Causecast. Everything is in beta right now, but basically the site connects people to important causes through celebrities and organizations. It’s going to feature a ton of great content like videos and a steady stream of news and info about issues ranging from the environment and animal rights to art and education. You can click the link above to sign up for an email list letting you now when the site gets released, but I’ll also be letting everyone know as well, it should be rad.

So far I’ve been having a blast working there and being creative non-stop. Everyone who works there is so amazingly passionate about the site, but they’re also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I feel totally welcomed and appreciated. But this past week I’ve been pretty exhausted as well, it’s been hard to find time for work, a social life, and the blog. So all I ask is for a bit of patience while I find a good balance between all things, because as you know this blog is my baby and I’m not going to abandon it for anything.

I also wanted to say again to be sure to check out the site over the weekend when I’ll be doing a lot of updating, as well as on Monday when the next DESKTOP BATTLE! theme gets announced, as well as the sponsor. I think everyone will be pretty damn excited by the amount of prizes you’ll be able to win, not to mention WHO the sponsor is. Let’s just say it’s kind of cool to have some friends in creative places.

Anyhow, thanks for putting up with my busy-ness, I promise to get back on the ball with things, I just need some time to adjust to things. I hope everyone has a rad weekend!


P.S. Big props to the girl at The Groop with short hair and glasses rocking the Jean Jullien wallpaper on her monitor at work, that totally made my day!

August 1, 2008