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Real Good Chair

The other day I was browsing Urban Outfitters new fall collection of stuff when I noticed that they were selling the Real Good Chair by Blu Dot as on online exclusive. I’ve always had a soft spot for this chair, but I’m totally surprised to see it being sold through UO. The Real Good Chair is slightly remarkable and fun because it ships to you flat, and then you bend it into the chair shape you see above. My friend Max thinks it looks really uncomfortable, but I say we all suffer for fashion.

I also decided to check around the web and see who else sold these and how much they were going for. The first thing that comes up is Design Public who’s selling the chair for $129, and they claim a low price guarantee. Except that UO is selling the chair for $100 with a $5 shipping fee, which is a much better deal. The only downside is that the version on UO’s site only comes in Turquoise, while Design Public also carries black, white, and red.

I just hope that Urban Outfitters keeps up with this trend and offers more fun furniture!


Andy Gilmore

Trying to decide which images summed up the work of New York illustrator Andy Gilmore best was a rather difficult challenge. Going through his site there’s a ton of incredible work, plus he has two portfolios, one for drawings and another for design work. The drawing section is filled with tons of ultra-detailed drawings of leaves, birds, face, anatomical drawings, flowers, branches… a lot of random things that actually tie together rather well when you start going through all of the pages of work. On the other hand is his design work, mainly consisting of abstract but colorful patterns and shapes. All of it mostly done on the computer as well, as opposed to all of his drawings, which are all done by hand.

Definitely take a peak at his work, and if you really enjoy it, stop by his Etsy shop as well and buy yourself something pretty.

The Coke Zero Billboards Have Been Changed!

I just got an email from Mr. Andy Mueller reminding me of a photo I took a couple weeks ago that I’ve posted above.

A few weeks ago, some of you might remember that I posted about how Coke Shamelessly Ripped Off Evan Hecox, or at least totally stole his style to try make a buck. Some of you got it, some of you were totally blind, but here we are now, and Coke has changed all of the billboards in the Los Angeles area to the top image. That’s right folks, they took out the background of the image, the most offensive part, and replaced it with a new guy.

I’m not going to say that I single-handedly made this change come about, but that’s a pretty weird coincidence, right? I think it’s pretty crazy how much power the internet has these days, and maybe if you make a big enough of a stink about something you can really cause some change, even if it is something small. I will say this though, good call Coke. Even if I had nothing do with this change, at least it shows some respect to a damn fine artist who deserved better than to have his style shilled out for a soft drink.

What do you all think?


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Josh Cochran

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran

Hey everyone, it’s Wednesday, new DWP, YAY! I had late start this morning, so I apologize for the tardiness! Anywho, this weeks artist is one of my favorite illustrators out there right now. He’s always extremely consistent, has an amazing knack for colors, and until recently was a fellow Angeleno! The fellow I’m talking about is the awesome Josh Cochran! I’ve been a big fan of Josh for a while now, I’ve posted about him on a couple of occasions, and going through his work always makes me happy. He also has a killer print shop with a ton of great stuff for sale, something to definitely check out.

As you can see in the wallpaper above, he didn’t screw around, bringing some serious detailed loveliness to the piece. As per usual, I’m not really sure what’s happening, but there’s a dude photographing some cosmic rays while trying to eat a sandwich, the dude in back is getting really old, really fast, the guy on the right is barfing, there are some space jellys floating around, a flux capacitor at the top… so much awesome stuff! Josh is going to be releasing a print of the wallpaper in the coming months, so when it’s available I’ll be sure to let you all know!

I’m also only releasing this in a few sizes, it would be silly to cut off anything. So if you have a smaller monitor, simply make the background black and make it look like a letterbox movie, got it?

Two of Us by The Beatles

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Two of Us by The Beatles

All yesterday I had a song stuck in my head, but it was just the melody, and I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. Finally I narrowed it down to being The Beatles, and with some help from my friend Nick, we figured out that it was the song Two of Us. I have no idea why I’ve had this song on repeat on my brain, I was just happy to finally figure out what it was. The song is the first track on Let It Be and came out in 1970.

I decided to use this obsessive impulse to figure out what the song was to make a fun cover for the song, almost like if the single was released today. I felt kind of Japanese inspired while designing it, though the song has nothing like that in it. Mostly I was trying to stay away from the idea of two people, or a house, I wanted something more abstract. So after a couple hours of searching, I decided that a pair of eggs were not only random, but kind of funny. They needed a lot of work, the original photo looks nothing like that, but I like how polished and perfect they look. I also like that the text is almost completely hidden, almost hard to see compared to the bright yellow of the yolks.

Hopefully this makes for a good wake up song for a lot of you!


Nike Lab ‘Spider’ Advertisment

The folks over at Nike Labs have teamed up with W+K Tokyo and a52 to create this amazingly simple, but beautiful, commercial that I just can’t stop watching. The idea is simple, a spider crafts a web together that looks like a three dimensional shoe, but there’s just something about it that’s so crisp and fresh. There’s the way the camera shakes, although the footage was sped up and the quality of the light, like it’s a perfect spring day. Even the design of the spider is extremely beautiful, like it would mimic the colors of the shoe itself.

Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Found through space invaders


Carl Krull

Danish artist Carl Krull is one of those people who’s found an extremely interesting way of displaying his artwork. Instead of just showing you the final piece, Carl puts his paper on the ground and gets to work, while a camera placed above him captures every detail. Then he takes the footage, speeds it up and puts it on his site, along with a nice picture of the finished art as well. His style kind of reminds me of Peter Chung’s, but more abstract and with a fine art twist. I think it’s cool as well that he goes from elaborate pencil sketches on one piece to giant, painted epics in the next.

What’s really funny to me though, is that watching him is almost like performance art, and I kind of feel voyeuristic watching him as he creates his pieces. I think everyone enjoys watching someone talented create new pieces, and time-lapse videos are also a pleasure, and the combination of the two is really rad. He just came out with a new series called Lead which is where the image above was taken from, so be sure to check that out as well as the rest of his beautiful work.


My Drive Thru by Julian Casablancas, Santogold & N.E.R.D.

Mark this entry under clever, catchy, and well done. As a part of Converse’s newest campaign, they’ve teamed up with a rather large and eclectic group of musicians to further their cult status among youngins. The most exciting part being the collaboration between Julian Casablancas, Santogold and N.E.R.D. on a song called My Drive Thru, which to me sounds like something Mark Ronson would have put together, but it’s actually Pharrell’s handiwork. The video itself is reallllly fun, featuring animated photo cut-outs of the artists performing. My favorite parts are mostly when Santogold is dancing around, she looks damn adorable, but there’s also the part where Julian Casablancas is falling down through the sheets of paper, that’s really rad. Other then that, I have this song stuck in my head most of the day, it’s totally catchy and fun.

The campaign otherwise is pretty rad as well, someone picked a pretty random group of folks that are actually pretty “hip”. There’s Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, the guys from Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Eleanor from The Fiery Furnaces, the dudes from MGMT, Yacht… you get the picture. The stark black and white images, the cut out paper effect, everything is pretty spot on. Check out the site by clicking here, and be sure to download the song for free as well (that was a good call, Converse).

The Obama “Hope” Fine Art Version

Unless you’re legally blind, you’ve seen Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” poster wheat pasted everywhere in the world. Well Shepard has decided to donate a fine art version of the poster to the charity auction, Art For Life, which is an annual event that benefits Russell Simmon’s Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation. The piece up for auction is one of three in existence, measures 4′ x 6′, and to me is absolutely beautiful. I love that Shep took his wheat paste/stencil/layering style and applied it to this poster, I think it looks really rad. The only catch is that currently the piece is going for $32,777, and you have to increase the bid by at least $5,000. So if you have a spare forty grand lying around, you should definitely pick yourself up a new piece for the mantle!


The New York Times iPhone GUI

It’s a strong held belief of mine (and many others) that good design is the design you don’t notice. It sits there like it’s always belonged there, such as the stop sign and the red cross. So when I came across these GUI (Graphic User Interface) designs for The New York Times iPhone application, they reminded me of something you wouldn’t notice, they just worked. The GUI was put together by Felix Sockwell, Khoi Vinh, and Caryn Tutino, who had to create the icons in greyscale and black and white at a size of 29 x 29 pixels.

Felix’s website has a nice exploration of the their ideas as well as Felix’s thoughts and a bit of the process as well. One of the most interesting parts is how much The New York Times flip-flopped on the GUI for the Obituaries section, as they deemed many of the ideas too morbid, finally deciding upon using a flower to signify death. Does that seem a bit off to anyone else? Anyhow, check out the rest of the sketches and ideas, it’s an interesting inside look.