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Martin The Tailor

While perusing the Band of Outsiders blog I came across this wonderful video simply titled Martin the Tailor. This is the story of Martin Greenfield, a man who went from working in a workroom in a concentration camp in Germany to the owner of a garment factory and a tailor to many an important person. Martin talks about how he crafts a suit for a person, how everyone is a “perfect person”, because we’re all different and unique.

What really makes the video extra special is how well it’s put together. The footage was shot by a Ed David and directed by Galen Summer, and they did an incredible job. The music, the editing, the shots and angles, all work together seamlessly to make the story even stronger. There are a ton of tracking shots that explore the factory that are really rad, and watching some of the seamstresses sewing is so incredible. There’s one woman who from afar, looks like she’s kneading black dough to bake bread, but she’s sewing up a suit of some kind… it’s really fascinating.

The video runs about 8 minutes, take the time to get wrapped up in it.


Pieces from Band of Outsiders Fall Collection

So far the last couple of hours I’ve been following fashion related links, slowly finding more and more awesome things to post, so expect the next few pots to be in the sartorial vein. First off, I found myself at Band of Outsiders, one of my favorites as they make such perfectly simple, but stylish, clothing. About a month ago they released some polaroids of they’re upcoming fall collection and I immediately was trying to figure out how I can create this looks on my meager (read: nothing) budget, because the whole collection looks awesome. In the top photo I love that vest, especially with the oxford shirt and striped tie, perfect for a night out on the town. In the smaller photos I totally want to copy the pink shirt with dark striped tie idea, and the other photo I’m smitten with that hint of yellow tie underneath the sweater.

Take a look at the rest of the collection and their blog as well, lots of great gems in there.

Vincent Fournier

I’ve always been interested by things like science and space, but as of lately that’s been one of my big influences. I think this was re-awakened when I saw the Aaron Morse installation at The Hammer, something really struck a nerve. So as I was looking through the photos of Vincent Fournier I got really excited by his series called Space Project, a collection of photos that are all over the place, from full on giant space crafts to a desert somewhere that looks like it could be another planet. His shots are absolutely stunning, filled with wonderful hues of pink and bright blues and tons of details and textures.

His name may also sound familiar as he shot those ads with the people wearing giant, full body sweaters. Definitely check out all of his work, he’s one talented guy.


Insound 20

The folks over at Insound, one of the finest purveyors of indie music, has gotten together with Jason Munn from The Small Stakes to create a line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and posters based around 20 of the best bands they carry, calling it Insound 20. For those who don’t know Jason’s work, he’s one of the finest poster/graphic designers out there, creating images that are usually quite simple, but bold and extremely memorable (I have this Sufjan poster he did). Now he’s created 20 different graphics, all of them quite stunning, for 20 incredible bands. The list of artists is as follows:

Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear, Jose Gonzalez, Beirut, The Decemberists, The National, Okkervil River, The Thermals, Built to Spill, Calexico, She & Him, Magnolia Electric Co., Peter Bjorn & John, Department of Eagles, The Hold Steady, The Constantines, Spoon, Black Heart Procession, The New Pornographers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

The shirts go for $20, sweatshirts for $35, and posters for $40, all of which sound pretty reasonable to me, especially for such awesome stuff. I’d also just like to point out that this Low poster is one of my absolute favorites. How rad would that be to get tattooed? Anyhow, check out all of the fun stuff, and if you’re in need of a new cool tee, definitely stop by.


Want To Eat Locally? Try Pigeon.

There’s a great article over on Wired Science written by Alexis Madrigal that poses the question, why don’t we eat pigeons? So most people think of pigeons as “rats with wings” as this has become their modern day cross to bear. In a time where food prices are starting to rise though, the article suggests that we start taking a look at the pigeon as an alternative food source for two main reasons; they survive on the extra food that we throw away, and they multiply like crazy, numbering somewhere in the “hundreds of millions”.

The article even goes into detail talking about the 1970’s 1870’s and how the Passenger pigeon was hunted into extinction cuz’ they were so tasty! She also links to a Seed article which talks about the pigeons rather healthy immunity to avian flu, making them that much more appealing.

She ends the article basically saying that what if pigeons were rebranded back to what they originally were called, squab? Would you be more inclined to eat squab? I think this is a really interesting idea, and like some people in the comments section say, it’s a common practice in other countries. I feel like American’s almost have this wild pet sort of idea that keeps them from being able to detach the idea of a pigeon as a possible food-stuff. But I do think I would try squab, it probably tastes like chicken.

Postcards from Italy by Beirut

Earlier today I had a craving for some Beirut, so I decided to look up this old video he did for Postcards from Italy, which is from his last first full length, Gulag Orkestar. This is hands down my favorite song off the album, so I was happy to see that he had made an equally great video for it. The video features a bunch of home video footage from all over the place, but mostly it gives you the sense of an amazing summer, or maybe thinking back on an amazing life. Either way, it makes me really happy to watch it. Plus that combination of ukulele and horns gives me goosebumps every time.


The Official Watchmen Trailer

Here it is lady and gents, the next big movie coming from DC Comics, one of the most celebrated comic books ever written, Watchmen. For those who’ve never read it, WIkipedia describes it as:

Watchmen is set in 1985, in an alternative history United States where costumed adventurers are real and the country is edging closer to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union (the Doomsday Clock is at five minutes to midnight). It tells the story of a group of past and present superheroes and the events surrounding the mysterious murder of one of their own.

The book basically changed the entire medium of comics, edging more towards a darker, more realistic tone in comic books. The comic was seen more as an epic novel done in comic book form than about people dressing up in tights. It was about real people with problems, trying to deal with a murder of one of their own on the brink of world disaster. And even though it’s been 22 years since it first came out, the ideas in the book still ring true, just different circumstances.

Directing the picture is Zak Snyder who also did 300, and while it wasn’t the best plot, it was certainly beautiful to look at, and he’s definitely recaptured that. I personally think the trailer looks great, it looks like he’s definitely gotten the mood and feel of the world, the characters look right and real, and hopefully the story can hold up to the original book… But I’m not holding my breath. Anyhow, watch the trailer and let me know what you think. I think if DC can keep this up they could start to rival Marvel in movie terms (they’re still nothing comic book-wise, haha…).

Or watch it over on Apple Trailers in HD, plus it has the iconic smiley button : )


Stuck on Lapel Pins

The New York Times has a great little story called Stuck on Lapel Pins, which basically dips back into questioning Obama’s patriotism because he doesn’t wear a flag pin (most of which, are made in China). So what they’ve done is asked some illustrators and designers to create an new, alternative pin that he could wear instead. My personal favorite came from the awesome Oliver Munday who came up with afresh and modern approach to the topic, wearing a badge. On each one is some sort of clever, hipster saying or contemporary interpretation of classic symbols and ideas. I think Oliver should actually make sets of these, I know I would wear some of those.

There’s also Ray Bartkus’ idea, which is to simply rip the lapels off of all suits everywhere, thus killing this stupid debate.


Foldable Greenhouse by Daniel Schipper

Living in an apartment in the city you don’t get to garden much, something I really wish I could do more of. Slowly though, more and more designers are catching onto this fact and are doing something about it. Take for example Daniel Shipper’s foldable greenhouse, a “frameless folding construction made of different components of recyclable plastic.” So not only is it completely simple and easy to set up, but it’s also made from recycled materials and it has an awesome shape to it as well. The container appears to be about 3 feet wide, to give you an idea of the scale of it.

I think it’s a wonderful idea, especially with the economy here in the U.S. getting so bad, pretty soon we’ll all be growing our foods… which sounds like fun to me.

Found through Inhabitat


Feist Performs 1,2,3,4 on Sesame Street

For the premiere of Sesame Street’s 39th season (OMG) Feist will be performing her song 1,2,3,4 except that it’s going to be geared toward kids and counting. I know, I know, the song is totally played out, but it’s so damn cute when it’s on Sesame Street. My favorite part of the whole video is the penguins that are by the door, and then at the end when they sing the bah bah bah bah part, except the chickens are clucking, haha… I think it’s great when contemporary musicians give back to kids like this, I know I’d be super thrilled to hear my son or daughter singing this little song. The episode is set to premiere on August 11th, so if you have kids be sure to plunk them down in front of the TV that day!