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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Noah Butkus

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Noah Butkus

Noah Butkus

It’s Wednesday and I’ve got to admit, I’m hella excited about today’s wallpaper. I’ve basically got this giant trove of wallpapers just waiting in the wings to be given to you all, so it’s really exciting when I get to give away one of my absolute favorites. Today’s artist is none other than the amazing Noah Butkus, a man known for his psuedo-comic book style drawings that are filled with all sorts of odd and abstract images. When I first came across Noah’s artwork I was immediately in love, I had this complete gut reaction to what I was seeing and I immediately wanted to see more and more.

For The DWP Noah sent me this awesome sketch he did of one of his hooded, ghost men riding a skateboard and snapping a giant sword in half with his bare hands. This for me, is fucking amazing, haha… I think this appeals to my inner child a lot, there’s swords, blood, skateboarding, I don’t really need anything more than that. I think I’ve had this image for months now, and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect time to show it. I’ve also though about getting it tattooed on me, I honestly am into it that much. Hopefully you all feel the same way I do!

The Guv’nor by Pashley

Oh, man. Here I am again, posting about some ridiculously expensive bike that I couldn’t even buy if I had the money because it’s made in another country. This also stems into my building obsession with bikes, which I’ve now decided is what I really want for my birthday, though it won’t be anything quite like this. The bike you see above is the Guv’nor by Pashley, and I have a really big crush on it.

The Guv’nor harkens back to old school British bikes, being both elegant and comfortable at the same time. I just think it looks beautiful, with it’s black frame, black alloy rims and cream-colored tires, and a titanium seat that looks like old leather. The Guv’nor also comes in six different models, single speed and 3-speed versions in three different sizes. I’m guessing this bike would be awesome to ride, the company that makes them, Pashley, has been around since 1926, so I’m pretty sure they have a good idea of what they’re doing. But sadly, the Guv’nor runs a sweet £795.00, or almost $1600 for those of us here stateside, which means there’s no way Bobby will ever own one of these. That’s okay, I’ll just buy a cheap bike and make it look exactly the same!



You know when you go on vacation, and you happen to come across something really awesome and think, “Man! Why don’t they make this where I live?” Well, now there’s an entire store devoted to these lovingly crafted products, a wonderful site called KIOSK. Based in SoHo, New York, KIOSK basically curates range of products from a far off place, their most recent outing is from Hong Kong, and the products are sold for 4 to 6 months until they visit some other place and bring in new batch of goodies. One thing they also talk about is the objects being “humble” and “straightforward” which I think is pretty great. It’s nice to appreciate these objects as beautiful because of how simple they are.

The image you see above is a ton of things that caught my eye. These items are from all over the world, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, and Finland. There are packs of crayons and chalk, giant knives, candy, a bag, a dartboard, a plastic flask, a chimney sweep that looks like ceiling ornament, licorice rolling papers, and a ton of crazy things in between. Some of the things are sold out already, but since there are tons of stuff, I’m pretty sure anyone visiting can find something to enjoy. Expect to waste at least 30 minutes or more on this site, there’s a ton of stuff to sort through, so be prepared!

Found through the lovely Abby Urban


Henri’s Walk To Paris by Saul bass

I came across this little gem a few days ago, I think possibly through FFFFOUND, and though it isn’t new, I thought it was pretty rad. Back in 1962, the epically-amazing designer Saul Bass, best known for his title and credit works for movies, created a beautiful little book called Henri’s Walk To Paris. The story is about a boy who lives in Reboul but wishes he lived in Paris. He then reads a book about Paris and decides to take a trip there, but along the way he ends up taking a nap. I guess this is where the book gets good and weird, as all kids books should. It’s also pretty cool to see Saul take his signature style and apply it to a kids book, supposedly the only one he ever did.

All of this is thanks to Dave over at grain edit who scanned a bunch of the pictures from the book. To see more of the book you can click here, and be sure to check out the rest of his blog as well, it’s always filled with amazing work.


Logan’s Run Poster by Tom Muller

I’ve been a fan of Tom Muller’s work for quite a while now, his name coming into my vocabulary because of his work with the amazing Ashley Wood. The other day I took a visit to his site and noticed the rad poster you see above that he created for Darren Firth’s Now Showing exhibit. For me personally, this poster brings me back to my childhood. My mother raised me on a strange assortment of movies, this happening to be one of them. So I have all these random memories of palm crystals and death chambers and libraries overgrown with foliage.

For the poster Mr. Muller ended up attacking it one, but ended up in a completely different place. At first he started out with more of an infographic approach, visually representing the 30 year lifespan of a person living in that world. I think this version looks awesome, but Tom wasn’t happy with it. So his focus shifted to the exterior of the Selfridges store in Birmingham, something his wife suggested to him. Based up on that he asked his brother Tim to create a “kind of red rubbery studded ball in 3D”, something that could represent many things in an abstract way. This lead to a more simple approach to the poster, using Futura as the font and keeping things clean and minimal.

I think overall it turned out really well, I would love to own this poster. For more info on the creation of the poster, be sure to click here.


Kendi Ties

Facebook is turning out to be a wonderfully useful tool, as I met a wonderful young lady named Abby Urban who pointed me in the way of several cool things, so I’ll be posting those here and there and now and again.

The first thing that caught my eye were these awesome ties by New York brand Kendi. Their selection is really eclectic and sort of all over the place, but I think that’s what I really like that. I feel like it’s hard to find a really unique, contemporary tie that’s also fun and not overwhelming. The ties you see above are my favorites, and if you look closely you can see that some of them are cut at a 45º angle which they call a “Dagger Tie”. All of the ties are handmade in New York City as well, so that’s always an added bonus. Be sure to check out the rest of their site as well, they have a great drawing section and some cute boy-style shorts as well.


Icare Motorcycle

Maybe I’m still on an awesome motorcycle kick from The Dark Knight, but I saw this Icare prototype by the folks over at Enzyme and nearly wet myself. The Icare looks something like Kanada’s bike from Akira but stolen and appropriated by Batman, and I absolutely love it. There seem to be two versions as well, the one in the top photo, and then the two below it. I’m slightly in love with the top version and it’s uni-light, something about that makes my heart flutter.

The bike is designed to use a six-cylinder 1.8 liter Honda engine, which I guess should give you some pretty decent power. I just think it would be awesome to tear around town on one of these, people would totally think you’re some kind of super hero. But as usual this is still just a prototype, and I’m sure when it comes out it’ll cost a pretty penny, but it’s always nice to look, right?

Found through Core77


The Dark Knight

Saturday night I went out with my best friend and a bunch of his friends to celebrate his birthday, and what’s a better way to do that than to see the new Batman flick? Both my best friend and I are closet nerds, we have many other interests, but when it comes to comic books, we know ungodly amounts, probably to the point of embarrassment. So saying that we were excited about the movie was a slight understatement, not that we dressed up or anything!

Now having seen The Dark Knight, I can without a doubt in my mind say that it’s my favorite movie of the year so far, if not the best all year. The movie is two and half hours of perfection, every performance is nuanced, every directorial decision is flawless, and you’re left sitting in the theater as the credits are rolling wanting more. Heath Ledger was so amazing, it’s kind of hard to put it into words. I know a lot of people are seeing this movie because of his tragic death, but that has nothing to do with my thoughts on his role. He made you laugh and creeped the shit out of you. What he did with that character was above and beyond what I think anyone ever imagined, and I wholeheartedly believe that he should get an Oscar nod. But really, every actor int he movie was absolutely amazing and gave flawless performances.

But I don’t think any of it would have been possible without Chris Nolan’s amazing vision of the movie. The fact that he directed and helped write it definitely plays a large role in this, as he really oversaw every bit and detail. The movie is PG-13, but there are definitely some VERY visceral scenes where even though they don’t show anything, you’re definitely disturbed by what just happened. Anyhow, I hate writing this really vague reviews, I just don’t want to spoil anything. Just go see the damn movie, it’s definitely worth your time and money.


Freeman Bikes

So this one might not fall under fashion, but in my brain this is a natural progression. Lately I’ve really been wanting to get a bike, especially with gas being as high it is and not having a job, a bike would be a mighty helpful thing to own. Seeing the bikes that Freeman are putting together then is making me drool with lust. Hand built in Missoula, Montana, these bikes aren’t just any ordinary fixed gear bike, this bike can be taken apart with one simple tool and folded into a bag. Basically the frame breaks in half, allowing you to then take all of the pieces and neatly put them away.

I think this is a really rad idea, especially for people who travel a lot and want their bike with them. Plus look at that bag! It’s totally rad! Hopefully over the next few years bikes will continue on this innovative path, especially with recent economic developments. If more people start riding bikes, it can only help things.

Found through UO Blog



Continuing the fashion trend are Billykirk, comprised of brothers William and Chris Kirkland who make some really amazing leather bags and accessories. Together they trained under a third generation leather maker for 3 years, eventually moving out to the east coast where they now work with Amish leather workers who help manufacture their pieces. Their leather is vegetable dyed because it results in a better finish over time, and it’s much more environmentally friendly than chrome dying.

In their shop they carry bags, wallets, cuffs, card cases, belts, and compatibles, anything you might be look for. My favorites were their bags, as you can see above. The one at top is based on a World War Two Belgian map case that they made a bit larger to fit more modern day conveniences. I love the color of it, and I would imagine it looking even better after it’s aged and been scuffed up. The other is a large travel bag that I think is absolutely sexy. I would imagine if you traveled with this bag you’d get looks from people with obvious luggage-envy. Really beautiful stuff.