Feed Cycling Project’s More Bike Less Car Campaign

As I get more and more into bikes I start to feel guilty that I’m not posting about art or design instead, the bread and butter of +KN. So thankfully I came across something that covers both of those needs! The images above are from an amazing guerilla poster campaign by the folks over at nabiis, which I think is a big bike crew over in Taipei, Taiwan. The project, called Feed Cycling Project, consists of these gorgeously minimal black and white posters featuring some amazingly beautiful photos of bike parts. They then wheat pasted these all over the place, I’m guessing Taipei, to hopefully get people to stop and think about making a change. I personally would just love to own all of these posters, I’ve been drooling over these for days now.

I’d also like to mention that I found this through Something Rotten, the love child of Aaron Bateman, who does a really good great job, so pay him a visit! I’ve also put some more images of the posters under the cut, so check under there as well!


July 28, 2008