The Guv’nor by Pashley

Oh, man. Here I am again, posting about some ridiculously expensive bike that I couldn’t even buy if I had the money because it’s made in another country. This also stems into my building obsession with bikes, which I’ve now decided is what I really want for my birthday, though it won’t be anything quite like this. The bike you see above is the Guv’nor by Pashley, and I have a really big crush on it.

The Guv’nor harkens back to old school British bikes, being both elegant and comfortable at the same time. I just think it looks beautiful, with it’s black frame, black alloy rims and cream-colored tires, and a titanium seat that looks like old leather. The Guv’nor also comes in six different models, single speed and 3-speed versions in three different sizes. I’m guessing this bike would be awesome to ride, the company that makes them, Pashley, has been around since 1926, so I’m pretty sure they have a good idea of what they’re doing. But sadly, the Guv’nor runs a sweet £795.00, or almost $1600 for those of us here stateside, which means there’s no way Bobby will ever own one of these. That’s okay, I’ll just buy a cheap bike and make it look exactly the same!


July 23, 2008