The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Noah Butkus

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Noah Butkus

Noah Butkus

It’s Wednesday and I’ve got to admit, I’m hella excited about today’s wallpaper. I’ve basically got this giant trove of wallpapers just waiting in the wings to be given to you all, so it’s really exciting when I get to give away one of my absolute favorites. Today’s artist is none other than the amazing Noah Butkus, a man known for his psuedo-comic book style drawings that are filled with all sorts of odd and abstract images. When I first came across Noah’s artwork I was immediately in love, I had this complete gut reaction to what I was seeing and I immediately wanted to see more and more.

For The DWP Noah sent me this awesome sketch he did of one of his hooded, ghost men riding a skateboard and snapping a giant sword in half with his bare hands. This for me, is fucking amazing, haha… I think this appeals to my inner child a lot, there’s swords, blood, skateboarding, I don’t really need anything more than that. I think I’ve had this image for months now, and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect time to show it. I’ve also though about getting it tattooed on me, I honestly am into it that much. Hopefully you all feel the same way I do!

July 23, 2008 / By