You know when you go on vacation, and you happen to come across something really awesome and think, “Man! Why don’t they make this where I live?” Well, now there’s an entire store devoted to these lovingly crafted products, a wonderful site called KIOSK. Based in SoHo, New York, KIOSK basically curates range of products from a far off place, their most recent outing is from Hong Kong, and the products are sold for 4 to 6 months until they visit some other place and bring in new batch of goodies. One thing they also talk about is the objects being “humble” and “straightforward” which I think is pretty great. It’s nice to appreciate these objects as beautiful because of how simple they are.

The image you see above is a ton of things that caught my eye. These items are from all over the world, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, and Finland. There are packs of crayons and chalk, giant knives, candy, a bag, a dartboard, a plastic flask, a chimney sweep that looks like ceiling ornament, licorice rolling papers, and a ton of crazy things in between. Some of the things are sold out already, but since there are tons of stuff, I’m pretty sure anyone visiting can find something to enjoy. Expect to waste at least 30 minutes or more on this site, there’s a ton of stuff to sort through, so be prepared!

Found through the lovely Abby Urban


July 22, 2008