Logan’s Run Poster by Tom Muller

I’ve been a fan of Tom Muller’s work for quite a while now, his name coming into my vocabulary because of his work with the amazing Ashley Wood. The other day I took a visit to his site and noticed the rad poster you see above that he created for Darren Firth’s Now Showing exhibit. For me personally, this poster brings me back to my childhood. My mother raised me on a strange assortment of movies, this happening to be one of them. So I have all these random memories of palm crystals and death chambers and libraries overgrown with foliage.

For the poster Mr. Muller ended up attacking it one, but ended up in a completely different place. At first he started out with more of an infographic approach, visually representing the 30 year lifespan of a person living in that world. I think this version looks awesome, but Tom wasn’t happy with it. So his focus shifted to the exterior of the Selfridges store in Birmingham, something his wife suggested to him. Based up on that he asked his brother Tim to create a “kind of red rubbery studded ball in 3D”, something that could represent many things in an abstract way. This lead to a more simple approach to the poster, using Futura as the font and keeping things clean and minimal.

I think overall it turned out really well, I would love to own this poster. For more info on the creation of the poster, be sure to click here.


July 21, 2008