Icare Motorcycle

Maybe I’m still on an awesome motorcycle kick from The Dark Knight, but I saw this Icare prototype by the folks over at Enzyme and nearly wet myself. The Icare looks something like Kanada’s bike from Akira but stolen and appropriated by Batman, and I absolutely love it. There seem to be two versions as well, the one in the top photo, and then the two below it. I’m slightly in love with the top version and it’s uni-light, something about that makes my heart flutter.

The bike is designed to use a six-cylinder 1.8 liter Honda engine, which I guess should give you some pretty decent power. I just think it would be awesome to tear around town on one of these, people would totally think you’re some kind of super hero. But as usual this is still just a prototype, and I’m sure when it comes out it’ll cost a pretty penny, but it’s always nice to look, right?

Found through Core77


July 21, 2008