Want To Eat Locally? Try Pigeon.

There’s a great article over on Wired Science written by Alexis Madrigal that poses the question, why don’t we eat pigeons? So most people think of pigeons as “rats with wings” as this has become their modern day cross to bear. In a time where food prices are starting to rise though, the article suggests that we start taking a look at the pigeon as an alternative food source for two main reasons; they survive on the extra food that we throw away, and they multiply like crazy, numbering somewhere in the “hundreds of millions”.

The article even goes into detail talking about the 1970’s 1870’s and how the Passenger pigeon was hunted into extinction cuz’ they were so tasty! She also links to a Seed article which talks about the pigeons rather healthy immunity to avian flu, making them that much more appealing.

She ends the article basically saying that what if pigeons were rebranded back to what they originally were called, squab? Would you be more inclined to eat squab? I think this is a really interesting idea, and like some people in the comments section say, it’s a common practice in other countries. I feel like American’s almost have this wild pet sort of idea that keeps them from being able to detach the idea of a pigeon as a possible food-stuff. But I do think I would try squab, it probably tastes like chicken.

July 20, 2008