Freeman Bikes

So this one might not fall under fashion, but in my brain this is a natural progression. Lately I’ve really been wanting to get a bike, especially with gas being as high it is and not having a job, a bike would be a mighty helpful thing to own. Seeing the bikes that Freeman are putting together then is making me drool with lust. Hand built in Missoula, Montana, these bikes aren’t just any ordinary fixed gear bike, this bike can be taken apart with one simple tool and folded into a bag. Basically the frame breaks in half, allowing you to then take all of the pieces and neatly put them away.

I think this is a really rad idea, especially for people who travel a lot and want their bike with them. Plus look at that bag! It’s totally rad! Hopefully over the next few years bikes will continue on this innovative path, especially with recent economic developments. If more people start riding bikes, it can only help things.

Found through UO Blog


July 20, 2008