Continuing the fashion trend are Billykirk, comprised of brothers William and Chris Kirkland who make some really amazing leather bags and accessories. Together they trained under a third generation leather maker for 3 years, eventually moving out to the east coast where they now work with Amish leather workers who help manufacture their pieces. Their leather is vegetable dyed because it results in a better finish over time, and it’s much more environmentally friendly than chrome dying.

In their shop they carry bags, wallets, cuffs, card cases, belts, and compatibles, anything you might be look for. My favorites were their bags, as you can see above. The one at top is based on a World War Two Belgian map case that they made a bit larger to fit more modern day conveniences. I love the color of it, and I would imagine it looking even better after it’s aged and been scuffed up. The other is a large travel bag that I think is absolutely sexy. I would imagine if you traveled with this bag you’d get looks from people with obvious luggage-envy. Really beautiful stuff.


July 20, 2008