Andy Gilmore

Trying to decide which images summed up the work of New York illustrator Andy Gilmore best was a rather difficult challenge. Going through his site there’s a ton of incredible work, plus he has two portfolios, one for drawings and another for design work. The drawing section is filled with tons of ultra-detailed drawings of leaves, birds, face, anatomical drawings, flowers, branches… a lot of random things that actually tie together rather well when you start going through all of the pages of work. On the other hand is his design work, mainly consisting of abstract but colorful patterns and shapes. All of it mostly done on the computer as well, as opposed to all of his drawings, which are all done by hand.

Definitely take a peak at his work, and if you really enjoy it, stop by his Etsy shop as well and buy yourself something pretty.

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  1. rey-o July 17, 2008 at 11:25 AM

    i’ve been a big fan of Andy Gilmore for sometime now, each time a new picture shows up on flickr, it’s a mini event

  2. Lena Krieger February 28, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    Music and Graphic Design are ART that speaks to the soul. Mathematics talks to the brain. I love Gilmore! He awe at his works on SpaceCollective, goes back to the spirit of the pre socratics and fuses everything in his digital works that resonate swith the music of the shapes. More info:

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