Earth As Art: A Landsat Perspective

Since 1999 the Landsat 7 satellite has been circling the earth, taking photos of the surface to provide for a more accurate picture of our planet. In 2000, NASA scientists parsed through some of the 400,000 images to create a gallery of amazing images of earth, which were then displayed in the Library of Congress. The collection was called Earth As Art, and featured almost 100 images, showing just how amazing and abstract our planet can look from afar. The images are displayed in real color and infrared, whichever made for a more interesting and dramatic appearance.

I love shit like this. It still amazes me to see images like this, though seeing them blown up at a huge scale would be 100 times more impressive, I’m sure. There are actually several ways to view the exhibit. There’s this more childish (not in a a bad way!) map of the earth where you can click on a continent and view the images. Or you can click here to see the whole shebang, which is probably your better way to go. Take some time to look through all the images!

Found through Environmental Graffiti


P.S. Wouldn’t those make great mixtape covers?!

July 14, 2008