Carl Krull

Danish artist Carl Krull is one of those people who’s found an extremely interesting way of displaying his artwork. Instead of just showing you the final piece, Carl puts his paper on the ground and gets to work, while a camera placed above him captures every detail. Then he takes the footage, speeds it up and puts it on his site, along with a nice picture of the finished art as well. His style kind of reminds me of Peter Chung’s, but more abstract and with a fine art twist. I think it’s cool as well that he goes from elaborate pencil sketches on one piece to giant, painted epics in the next.

What’s really funny to me though, is that watching him is almost like performance art, and I kind of feel voyeuristic watching him as he creates his pieces. I think everyone enjoys watching someone talented create new pieces, and time-lapse videos are also a pleasure, and the combination of the two is really rad. He just came out with a new series called Lead which is where the image above was taken from, so be sure to check that out as well as the rest of his beautiful work.


July 14, 2008