Creative Scrape

When I started this blog I knew I wanted it to have big and exciting images, as a lot of design blogs I had been reading at the time used smaller images, making it less exciting to me. So it was interesting when I started to get some regular hits from a new site called Creative Scrape, which uses a “hand-picked number of RSS feeds and Flickr sets in order to deliver a random smattering of beautiful, ugly, and inspiring things.”

The site was created by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs and acts sort of like an automated FFFFOUND, albeit with a much smaller concentration of sources. As far as I can tell the feed sources are from Kitsune Noir, Design Notes, Rojo Magazine, Behance, I Love Typography, and then a bunch of folks from Flickr. It might be narcissistic, but it’s really cool to see these images as purely images, with no words to describe them or a blog to give them a greater context. Definitely pop over and check out what they’re up to, and if you really like it, download the screensaver they created as well!


July 13, 2008