Colour It (RED) by Koma

Andy Miller of Koma sent me an email earlier telling me about this awesome project he did for his final degree show called Colour It (RED). Andy used the (RED) organization as his jumping off point, creating an adorable CD/coloring book that comes together with the help of a red crayon. As soon as I saw this I was kind of in love with it, especially that you only get one color and how great it all looks when it’s colored in. I also really love his wonderful illustrations, they have this great excitement and fun to them. More than anything, I could totally see these being sold at Urban Outfitters all over the world, and that to me is what really makes this successful, I completely believe that this could be real.

Be sure to check out the rest of Andy’s work as well, he’s a damn talented guy.


July 9, 2008