Yes, I didn’t forget the rest of the title to this post, this all about a guy named Ed, spelled exactly like the horse. Ed is an illustrator and comic artist who lives in Argentina, making the world a more beautiful place with every drawing he does. Ed does illustrations mostly for magazines, newspapers, and books in Europe and Latin America, so sadly the U.S. is missing out.

What’s amazing to me is how many different styles he has. You can visit three websites that he runs, one is for magazines and newspapers, one is for books, and another for personal drawings and doodles. Amazingly, all of these have different work on them, and they’re all really incredible. The pieces above were my absolutely favorites though. The textures in each of the pieces make me so happy, and the technique used in each of them is so unique and beautiful. Definitely took a look at Ed’s work on one of this three sites, you’re in for a treat.


July 8, 2008