h(y)r collective magazine

A few weeks ago I got an email from a guy named Ryan telling me about this new online magazine he started called h(y)r collective. Basically it covers a lot of up and coming menswear, sneakers, bike related things, hell, anything these guys are passionate about. Now honestly, I wasn’t so hot on this second issue, it just didn’t do it for me. But then I got another email telling me that they ALREADY released their third issue, which totally shocked me.

So I checked it out, and WOW. They basically made this drastic jump from okay to awesome. This issue features 5 interviews with people like Jesar Gabino, designer for United Front and co-owner of Nomad, as well as in depth look at purveyors of fine leather objects, Tanner Goods. They also interviewed these guys who run a label called Our Legacy which I hadn’t heard of before. The interview is strong and I really loved the photos that were attached to it as well. There’s also two more features, music reviews, product reviews, a photo shoot and two blogs to sort through.

These guys definitely have a passion and it truly shows. Definitely keep an eye out on these h(y)r kids, they’re gonna be big.


July 2, 2008