My Jawbone Headset: One Month Later

It’s July 1st, which for those in California means you can no longer talk on your cellphone and drive at the same time. Well you can, but you face the risk of getting yourself a ticket. So about a month ago I decided to by myself a Jawbone headset, even though they are a bit pricey, I heard they were worth it. And after a month of use, I’d have to agree and say it’s definitely worth it.

When I first got the Jawbone I wasn’t a big fan, it fit in my ear horribly. Then I realized that the ear clip comes in different sizes, and I needed the big-eared freak size. I swapped the small one for the big one and voila, much better. As for the sound and hearing quality, it’s pretty remarkable. I tested it out the first night by calling my mom as I drove down the freeway with all ym windows down and my music playing. Amazingly, she couldn’t hear a damn bit of it, so when they advertise their NoiseAssassin feature, you should definitely believe it.

I’ve actually been really happy with it, my one and only beef with the Jawbone are the little things that go over your ear. Like I said I’ve had it for a month, but I’ve already snapped one of them in half from it being in my pocket. As a dude, I don’t have a purse to carry it in, nor do I want to leave it in my ear all day looking like Uhura. The package does include replacements, but if I break these once a month, that would be no good. Maybe I just need to be more careful? I dunno, but that was my experience so far.

I checked out their website and funny enough they’re having a special Hands Free Ticket Discount, meaning if you get a ticket for talking on your phone, punch in your ticket number and they’ll give you $20 a Jawbone. Pretty cool, huh? Anyhow, if you need a wireless headset, I’d definitely check out their site and see for yourself.


July 1, 2008