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Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse

I just came across this really funny looking trailer called Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse so I thought I’d share it with you all. The trailer features Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen (those dudes from Knocked Up) who have to live together after the world has gone to shit and there are monsters running around. /film compares it to sort of a Shaun of the Dead-esque movie where you get a good mixture of zombies/monsters mixed with witty interactions between the characters.

What’s really funny is that they made the trailer for fun, and once it got out, studios actually wanted to make it, and it’s actually being made. Seth Rogen will be writing it with his Superbad co-writer Evan Goldberg and they’re currently looking for a director for the film. What do you think? I’m thinking it could be really great if done in a very tongue-in-cheek sort of way, but I guess we’ll see soon enough!


José Manuel Hortelano

I feel like my last few posts have a certain vibe to them, so I’m hoping to continue that with this amazing self-portrait by José Manuel Hortelano called José Underwater. José is a 26 year old painter from Valencia, Spain who transforms photo images into amazing watercolor pieces. José Underwater was done in sort of an impressionist style, with tons of bits and details everywhere all coming together to make a beautiful whole. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to post about it. I always forget how amazing non-digital art is until someone does something like this and makes it feel so fresh and contemporary.

You can check out an extra large version of the painting on his deviantART page here.

Found through The Style Press


TOMS Summer Collection

I’ve been meaning to buy a pair of TOMS for about a year now, I think they’d make such awesome summer shoes, yet I keep forgetting. Then I got an email yesterday announcing that they have some web exclusive shoes for this summer only, reminding me yet again that I still don’t have. But I really like these new ones they’ve released, the colors are really awesome… if you’re a girl. As a boy I don’t think I could ever try pull off a pair of striped pair of alpargatas, nor would I ever try. I really like the salmon colored ones, the canary ones, and the blue and white striped ones.

As always, when you buy a pair of TOMS, they give a pair away to a child in need, so you’ll look hot this summer and help someone out at the same time.


Fine Dining Skateboards by Daniel Curtis

A lot of the time (like almost always) if someone links to me I visit their site to see what they’re saying. I do this through my Stat Counter, it tells me where all of my hits are coming from, it’s really not that creepy, I promise. But I noticed one that I hadn’t seen before so I went to check it out, and was immediately struck by the awesome decks you see above. Cut to me searching on the internet for like, 30 minutes until I FINALLY came across some information that they were the work of the wonderful Daniel Curtis.

I thought these decks were so rad when I saw them. What he told me was that he drove around town with his little brother in tow, searching for all sorts of junk food. They ended up with all the crap you see above, which Daniel says they ate quite a bit of what you see. After that he couldn’t eat meat for a week, haha… Hands down my favorite is the donuts one, those blue donuts in there are the yummiest looking treats. Sadly the boards aren’t available yet, but they should be around later this month through The Source.

Also take a sneak peek at Daniel’s upcoming clothing line, Bon Voyage, he’s got some rad looking tees!

Nan Na Hvass

I was reading in an older issue of CA yesterday when I came across the work of Nan Na Hvass, an awesome artist from Denmark. Nan actually grew up in South Africa, eventually moving to Denmark when she was 10. She studied at the Danish Design School and is now currently at RISD here in the States. She’s also part of a design duo called Hvass&Hannibal which features her and her childhood friend, Sofie Hannibal.

There’s something about her work that totally makes me happy. I love that she uses these giant colorful shapes, and even though they’re totally simple looking, I couldn’t do what she does in a million years. The image above is a mural she did as a part of Hvass&Hannibal for the entrance of Vega Nightclub, a lounge in Denmark. The walls measure 5×15 meters and took about a week to complete, but it ended up looking really awesome. I love the black clouds and the raindrops all over, it’s kind of inspired me to create something like that in my bathroom actually! Check out the rest of her work and maybe you’ll be inspired as well?


G19 Lamp by Yar Rassadin

My apartment, however awesome it may be, has really ugly light fixtures in the living room. Well, someone out there might like them, but they’re certainly not my taste. So lately I’ve been looking at light fixtures just to see what’s out there because I plan on staying in it for a while. So when I came across this lamp by Yar Rassadin, it totally got my imagination going.

The lamp is called G19, which stands for “Giant light system within 19 lamps.” I like that, simple and to the point. The lamp looks to me like it was inspired by one of those wooden coat racks, which is a really good idea. The lamp can open and contract to whatever dimension or shape you like making it adjustable to whatever space you want to put it in.I love how simple, yet complex it is, like a big hive of lights.

Be sure to check out the rest of Yar’s work as well by clicking his name above.


The 15th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

Last weekend I was having Thai food with a friend and we started talking about how awesome Jurassic Park was. Thinking about all the awesome scenes like the T. Rex smashing the Explorer into the mud while the kids are in and even the little things like the Jell-O jiggling on Lex’s spoon as she sees the shadow of the Raptor. With all of this fun reminiscing, we decided that we’d have a little Jurassic Park watching party, just for the fun of it. Cut to last night, where we decided to make Mexican food (the movie is set in Costa Rica, so that’s as close as we could get) and we had some mud pie that was very dino-related as well. Watching the movie it actually seemed so dated, but it was still a ton of fun and I laughed so hard at all of Jeff Goldblum’s lines.

I came into work this morning and my co-worker Jamie asked me about last night, but then she told me how she was on Wikipedia last night and Jurassic Park was on the front page, which we both thought was weird. So I looked up the movie on IMDB, and oddly enough, THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED 15 YEARS AGO TO THE DAY. How weird is that?!?! We watched the movie on it’s exact 15 year anniversary. We had no idea at all, which makes the whole thing even more cool. That’s really all this blog post is about, I just thought I’d share my funny story, haha…


Faesthetic #8 / Infinity

On Monday the newest issue of Faesthetic dropped, showering the world with artful delights. The issue is only $10, and they’re even running a special that gets you #7 and #8 for $15, which isn’t bad at all. This issue’s theme is “INFINITY”, and features a cover by the guys at Rad Mountain, as well as a ton of other great artists, so be sure to stop by the site and see what all the hoopla is about!

The Artist’s Guide to Infinity, Jason Polan presents Jacob Brege, Arbito, Spencer Hibert, Justin Van Hoy, Gluekit, Matt W Moore, Keith Shore, Ryan Riss, Dan Rule, Garrett Morin, Justin Fines, Blair Sayer, Sylvain Gerand, Neil Doshi, Thomas Jennings, Ray Frenden, Gasolline Gut, Derek Ballard, a Boy named Ethos, Labour-Ny, Pietari Posti, Tristan Henry Wilson, Damien Correll, Sune Ehlers, Jason Urban, Christopher Norris (Steak Mtn), Prateâ„¢ Computer Channel & Bang.


Wooster Collective Interview with Dan Witz

One of the very first things I ever posted about here on Kitsune Noir were the paintings of Dan Witz. I didn’t know much about him or what the hell I was doing for that matter, but his paintings totally stood out to me and proved in my mind that if I shared what I felt passionate about, this silly blog thing might work out. Well a year later I’ve posted over 1000 times and had way over a million page views, so things worked out by me just doing what I enjoyed.

So I started reading this interview that Sarah from Wooster Collective did with Dan was really enjoyable, especially because he’s been making art for so damn long that he definitely knows a thing or two. The interview is actually an excerpt from his upcoming book, but don’t be fooled by the word excerpt. The portion of the interview you get to read should take you at least 20-30 minutes I would guess. I got about halfway and was already thoroughly enjoying myself. The way Dan tells stories is great, and a lot of the wisdom he gives I personally found to be pretty smart. I’ve pasted three of my favorites, so if you enjoy those I highly suggest checking out the rest, definitely insightful.

I used to say that art should be an agent for change. I wanted my work to wake people up, but as time went by I realized that it’s useless trying to anticipate how people will think. Now I’m content to let doing my stuff help keep me awake-to be an agent for my own inner change. Which is, admittedly, a lot to ask, but a healthy thing to aspire to.

What good is art that makes people feel unworthy and left out? I still don’t know. This was the beginning of a life-long aversion to anything exclusionary. Or boring. Especially boring. For me, that was the worst thing art could be. If you couldn’t dance to it (metaphorically, I mean) then fuck it.

People I’ve met who are really good at what they do often seem to posess an encyclopedic knowledge of everything about their medium, they see themselves as the logical continuum of that time line, they know and are constantly gathering more information about every aspect of their field of choice. The canon, the anti-canon, trivia, anecdotes, etc.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kristina Collantes (Part 2)

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kristina Collantes

Kristina Collantes

You can check out Kristina’s other wallpaper by clicking here.

Sorry for the delay in posting, this morning has been hectic already, you know how it is… Anyhow, this weeks wallpapers (yep, plural) were created by the phenomenally talented Kristina Collantes. Kristina lives and works in California where she draws inspiration for her work from things like wallpaper, textiles, and Japanese art. When I first saw her work I as sooooo impressed by the amazing amount of detail she puts into each piece. When I asked her to do the project I was a little skeptical that she would say yes, but fortunately she knew of the blog and the project, which leads us to right now!

Kristina decided to make not one but two different designs for today, both of them lovely and awesome. The first one is aptly titled Skulls, while the second one is titled Blues. Those actually might not be their names, but that’s what the files were called, so it works for me. I’m totally into those soft and cuddly skulls, I love how the texture is really delicate, but it’s all shaped into a skull. The other one I love because of that pattern in the background, which totally destroys everyone, and the big K and N shapes. Also, the colors on both of those are the best.