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Toe Jam by The BPA feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal

Update: This is getting pulled down all over, so watch it while you can.

I saw this video yesterday but didn’t have the volume on while I watched it, I was watching for it’s supposed cheeky use of nudity and censor bars. Well I saw mention of the video again this morning, only this time I saw that it was a music video for a band called The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) and that it featured David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. I didn’t really think the censor bar thing was that funny, I mean it’s a clever idea, but it wasn’t as clever as I thought it was going to be. What is amazing though is the song itself. David Byrne was totally made for this song, like I want this to play on repeat all day long today. I am a little confused why they needed Dizzee Rascal for that 10 second part he did, but I’m thankful it was so short, I’m not a fan.

You might not want to watch this if you’re at work, someone will probably lame and think you’re watching porn, but you could definitely leave it playing in the background while you listen to the song.


SBTG x Lazy present The Paramount Dunk

Here’s another great example of what I was talking about yesterday, simple but awesome shoes. Reading about these over on High Snobiety you definitely get the sense that someone busted their ass on creating these.

First off, the body of the sneaker is pretty much all decked out in selvage denim, from the black denim to the “Gucci” denim that surrounds the bottom. The reason for the selvage denim is that “the edge can’t fray like lower grade denims that have separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched.” See what I mean about someone going nuts on this shoe? Finally the shoe is trimmed out with a snakeskin swoosh, which I think is pretty damn hot. I also love the (real/faux?) snakeskin lace guard thing-y, that’s a nice touch as well.

The images you see above are the pre-production model, it’s a one-of-a-kind, but they are going forward with production on this shoe, hopefully the final model stays true to the original. Supposedly it’s going to be released soon-ish through Royalefam, so keep an eye out.


Glow-In-The-Dark Metropolis Poster by Pietari Posti

I received and email from the awesome Pietari Posti this morning letting me know that he has a new poster for sale in his shop. The poster is a re-thinking of the classic movie Metropolis, but with his unique Pietari spin on it. It’s a part of the Underware’s Now Showing project, which has artists do their own versions of classic movie posters.

I’m totally loving this poster for several reasons. First, it’s frigging huge, measuring in at 32″ x 46″, this poster would look awesome absolutely anywhere. Second, the colors are so perfect. Pietari is a master of color combos and that orange/steel/camel/white colorway is definitely hot. Third, the damn thing glows in the dark! How cool is that? The poster comes in a limited edition of 100 prints and goes for roughly $125, so get ’em while you can!


The Desktop Wallpaper Project Gets Name Dropped!

I noticed early this morning that I was getting a steady flow of traffic from a site called Ehrensenf, something that I’d never heard of before, but I was still half-awake so I didn’t really bother to check into it anymore than that. After sufficiently waking up though I visited the site and saw there was a video, but it was all in German. So I decided to watch the video, and what do you know, around 2:20 in they talk about The Desktop Wallpaper Project… and then they say my name. I start laughing hysterically and dance around the room. Hearing your name in an online German show is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever, it totally made my day today.

I asked my friend FW to translate it for me and this is what it roughly says:

Why should you put art on the wall when you can have them for free on the internet at the website of Bobby Solomon where you get high quality wallpapers by artists and designers every Wednesday?

I would have loved to hear her say Kitsune Noir, that would have been incredible.
Thanks Ehrensenf!


Last Week in Music | 06/08/08 – 06/15/08

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Chinese Translation by M. Ward

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A Higher Power by Jens Lekman

Well I’m pretty sure all of my music is going to be recorded correctly for a while, considering I’ll only be listening to music in one place, haha… Last Week in Music was pretty accurate though. At number one again is M. Ward, simply because I loved everything he did for the movie The Go-Getters so I’m trying to relive that feeling. After that is Sigur Rós and their new album Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust (which coincidentally I’m listening to as I write this). I’m loving this new album a lot, it seems a lot happier then all of their previous albums.

Then at number three is Jens Lekman, who Iisten to obsessively, every album, all the time. It’s kind of funny that there was only one song different between the number three and two spot, and three songs between the number two and one spot. At four is Ratatat, who’s new album LP3 is also a slice of amazing. I was playing Nintendo over the weekend and listening to them and they sounded so good together. At number five is Belle and Sebastian, followed by Vetiver and DeVotchKa, who both have amazing new albums as well. Finishing up the list is French Kicks, the Norwegian crooner Sondre Lerche, and The Accidental.


A New Start

Usually when I write about things on here I relate to the experiences I’ve had, but for the most part I try to keep my private life private. Well today is a little different, simply because so many things have changed in my life in the last month and a half. In May I moved into a new apartment with my best friend and it’s been great. My best friend and I get along perfectly, we’re quite the odd couple, and just being in here makes me really happy.

But then two other major changes happened, and it’s sort of thrown my game off a bit. First, I ended a long distance relationship that lasted three years. That was a major major change for me, one that I’m still getting used to. Then last Friday I was laid off from my job of 3 years. When it rains, it pours, right? This wasn’t a huge shock, my boss is trying to keep make things work for herself as well, and I was too pretty a penny to keep around.

Which now means I’m sitting at home, eating oatmeal at 10 am. This is a totally foreign situation to me, I’ve had a steady job since I was 17 years old. But I’m a glass half-full kind of guy, I’m eternally optimistic and no matter how crazy things get, you can always make it better. So in an effort to really utilize and capture all this change, I’m going to be accepting freelance design and retouching jobs if anyone has any cool projects they need help with. I’m hoping this doesn’t come off sounding desperate, but I figure that I’ve made a lot of really cool friends and I know a lot of really creative people read this blog, so what the hell?

If you’d like to see any examples of my work, retouching or design, please send an email to


P.S. The image above is from Destroy Rock City, whom I’ve loved for a long time, but he hasn’t updated his site in forever.

Take Ivy, Photos by T. Hayashida

I was pouring over the website of amazing menswear company Blackbird when I came across this amazing book called Take Ivy. Take Ivy was the product of Japanese photographer T. Hashiyada, who traveled to America to photograph the fashion of ivy league schools. The result is amazing, a beautiful portrait of fashion in the late sixties. What’s also so remarkable is how much this prep school style is coming back into vogue. I mean, this is pretty much the style I’m personally going for these days, maybe a bit more contemporary, but what’s in these photos is definitely the building blocks of today’s style.

The book was found by Michael Williams over at A Continuous Lean who was awesome enough to scan a ton of the pages from the book. I’ve posted some photos from the book under the cut but you can also see more of Michael’s scans here and here. Also be sure to check out the rest of Michael’s site as well, it’s totally worth a damn and I’ve thrown it into my Daily Sites in the sidebar as well.

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Displacements by Michael Naimark

How the world never runs out of clever ideas, I’ll never know, but I’m quite thankful. Displacements, an “immersive film installation”, is something that I wold dub clever. It’s not deep, it’s not impossible to figure out how it was done, it’s just a really good idea and the world is better off with it.

Displacements was first created in 1980 by artist Michael Naimark. Michael took what he thought was a typical American household, and filmed two performers on 16mm film, going about and doing random actions, interacting with the space. The then took that same space and spray painted it completely white, every nook and cranny. Then he took the 16mm footage he shot and projected it onto the white scene, creating this totally surreal environment with ghost-like people floating around. As the projection circles around the room you see a young girl spinning a globe until suddenly it’s gone, or a woman lying on a couch kicks the painting hanging above her with her toe, until that vanishes as well.

The video above is from 2005 when a friend of Michael’s suggested he tried to update what he did 21 years prior. This time around the people in the video are parents, and with them is their daughter. He also shot the footage digitally instead, which he notes, “was much more challenging.” I think this is so rad looking, it reminds me a lot of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, but you know, artsy.

Found through today and tomorrow


Graph Paper Vans and Halftone Sandals

I’m only 25 but a lot of the time I feel like an old man. Slowly I’ve started to buy fewer graphic tees and have tried to filter in more collared shirts, basic patterns, and thin stripes. These changes also extend to my footwear as well, as I no longer wear the same black slip-on Vans day in and day out. It kind of surprises me that I don’t talk about fashion on here more, considering how I think about it all the time. So I thought I’d share a couple of recent purchases on here that I’ve been in love with.

First off is my pair of graph paper Vans. I actually bought these at this great little boutique in my hometown of Roseville called Heritage (not to be confused with the Forever 21 offshoot). I love that their minimal but still have that wonderful pattern on them. The black lines also takes away some of the irony of it being graph paper pattern, they do come in a traditional blue pattern as well. They’re also only two weeks old, but I really hate bright white shoes, so I’ve been a bit with rough with them so that they look well-loved now. The best part of these is that they were only $45, which is pretty unbeatable. I’m a firm believer in not having to spend a lot of money to look good.

Which brings me to my next purchase, the halftone sandals you see above which I picked up from H&M for a whopping $6! I love these because they’re almost a check pattern, but they’re halftoned as well. So very simple but still really fun. I’m sure the print will rub off by the summer, but for $6, who cares?



Yesterday I had a pretty epic day with friends Nick and Jen, consisting of brunch at my favorite place in LA, Aroma Café, then shopping at Heritage and H&M at the Beverly Center and finally ending at ROYAL/T out in Culver City. ROYAL/T is a new café/shop/art space that opened a few months ago that’s totally dedicated to all things Japanese-y. It reminded me a lot of Giant Robot, but only if you mixed Giant Robot, GR2 and GR/EATS all together in one big building.

As you walk up to the building you see it’s totally covered in foliage, much like Fred Segal on Melrose. The one difference is that it’s a very convincing but fake foliage. Once you get inside you’re confronted with a giant Yoshitomo Nara dog statue set behind giant panes of glass, sort of like a high-tech version of the cages from Planet of the Apes. This is the gallery portion of the building, filled with Takashi Murakami paintings and other works of Japanese artists. Opposite the gallery is a small shop with art for sale, small blind-packed toys and other knick knacks.

Once you head to the back you enter the café filled with some rather cute tables and ultra-contemporary chairs. We decided have some tea and snacks and they were all really good. I had the Kyoto Sunset tea, a fruity tea with a taste of apricot. I also ordered Avocado Toast which was absolutely delicious. I was expecting something like guacamole on toast, but was surprised to taste avocado mixed with lemon zest and some other spice. It was totally unexpected and extremely refreshing. They also had sandwiches and soups and salads as well, they all looked pretty good. On a side note, all of the food and drinks are brought to you by girls in brown and white maid outfits, furthering the Japanese feel.

I took a bunch of photos with my iPhone, so they’re not the best, but it should definitely give you a sense of the space. If you live in LA I’d highly suggest taking a trip out there, it was particularly nice on a Saturday afternoon. Check out the rest of the photos under the cut!

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