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Continuing my posts about fun, European illustrators is a guy named Puño who lives and works in Madrid. Puño was born in 1978, and makes his living “drawing for books, for press, and for publicity.” He also enjoys the city, cities in general, and travels a lot, but that doesn’t help him pay the bills.

I like Puño because of his fun, brush and ink style. All of his frawings have an amazing amount of depth and life to them and really make me smile. I put my favorite image of his up top, I just love that the Fantastic Four are fighting some drugged out giant Mickey Mouse, I mean, who wouldn’t? The other image is an illustration he did as a personal project, but wouldn’t that be awesome to see as an advertisement for a library? I know if I were a little kid (or the age I am now) that it would get me excited to see what’s going on inside!



It’s finally cooling down here in LA and it turned out to be a pretty beautiful day today, so I figure it makes sense to post some things today that sort of reflect that. Guillaumit is an illustrator and designer from Bordeaux, France who can pretty much do it all. On his site you can se examples of t-shirt graphics, magazine illustrations, paper toys, character design and about 100 other things as well. I really love his clean bold style and the colors he uses are so bright and fun. Be sure to check out the end of his site as well where there’s these random images of violence, but done in his incredibly playful style. My favorite is the nerdy guy with the calculator watch gnawing on an arm, haha…

Update: Just got the newest Threadless newsletter and Guillaumit has a new t-shirt that just came out! Total coincidence, I swear! He also has two other designs over at Coltesse as well, so basically you could wear nothing but Guillaumit all the time.



Happy Monday everyone! I was totally surprised to see that you all enjoyed my last food post so much, so I thought I’d sort of follow it up with something else that I’ve been enjoying in a similar vein, a little blog called FRANK | FOOD. For the record, Frank is one of my very best friends. But he’s also the best damn cook I know.

Because of his amazing skills in the kitchen and good taste in food in general, I decided to help make him a blog where he could write about and show off all the delicious things he creates, as well as any other delicious foods and drinks he comes across. Frank hosts a pretty regular dinner every Sunday night at his house, and I’m thankfully invited quite often, and all I can say is the man is a genius. Reading his blog I get totally inspired and excited, as it features photos of all his creations and finds as well as recipes for some of the larger meals. He also updates it regularly, usually every day or two, so you can check in often to see what he’s cooking up!

I hope you enjoy seeing what Frank is creating as I much as I enjoy eating it!


Delicious Egg Salad Sandwich with Avocado

Instead of doing posts about awesome art and design, I’ve been busy making food. I don’t think many of you come here for my random food posts, so I apologize to pretty much everyone for this slight distraction. Anyhow, last night I was totally craving an egg salad sandwich, out of effing nowhere. I ran to the store, bought a dozen eggs, came home, and then realized I had no bread. Awesome.

So I woke up today with a mission to make the most delicious egg salad sandwich ever… and I totally did. This little beauty had egg (duh), mayo, green onion, dill, salt, pepper and a some red chili pepper flakes for a tiny kick. I also happened to buy some avocados while I was at the store, so they managed to find a way onto my sandwich as well. The bread is a dark rye which I lightly toasted because I hate hard bread, it scrapes the roof of my mouth every time and makes me sad. I ate this sandwich so damn fast, and I wanted to make and eat another one immediately after.

I’ve decided to make these more often this summer, they totally remind me of my childhood, my mom would make these all the time for me. Here’s to more summer food posts!


Feed the Animals by Girl Talk

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Like This by Girl Talk

If it were possible, I’d totally leave you all with some great music to listen to every weekend. Fortunately, Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk just dropped his newest album yesterday titled Feed the Animals, and you can download it for $5, $10, or for absolutely free. I chose the latter option, mostly because I wanted to hear it before I paid for it. If you pay $5 or more, you get “the options of FLAC files, plus a one-file seamless mix of the album”, and if you pay $10 or more you get “all of the above + a packaged CD (when it becomes available).” I’m not sure how much Gregg’s gonna’ make off this scheme, but I totally wish him well with it.

As for the music, it’s pretty much just like the last album Night Ripper, but I think it might be a little better. It’s a little tighter and crisper, with a ton more little samples thrown in. My personal favorite so far is Like This, which at about a minute in he starts mixing Ghetto Superstar with Yo La Tengo’s Autumn Sweater, then goes into Superstar by The Carpenters, directly into One by Metallica with Lip Gloss playing over the top of it. Awesome. Here’s a break down of all the samples used in every song.

Listen to the track above and if you like it, then you’ll probably be into the rest of it. And I just want to throw in there that the cover is pretty hot as well (no pun intended).


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, But Nicely Typeset

Of all the movies that are coming out this year, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is definitely in the top 5. I’m a huge fan of David Fincher (Fight Club is one of my very favorite movies) and the story itself just sounds so cool. As it turns out so is Jonathon McNicol, a designer from Connecticut who not only runs Chip Kidd’s website but also is a regular contributor to clusterflock. Jonathon, in all of his excitement, has decided to create a “proofread and nicely (hopefully) typeset” PDF version of the story, one chapter at a time over the next 11 days.

I’ve already read the first chapter and it’s beautifully put together and gets me really excited to see the movie. My only hesitation is that I’ll know hwo the movie ends, but I guess it would be better to stay true and read the book then worry about the movie? Where do my morals stand?! P.S. I put the paper pattern behind the page up there, just so you all didn’t have to stare at an almost blank page.


Wolf Am I by Colby Nichols

Seeing how most everything is going digital these days, it’s nice to see that a lot of people are still into hand-making things. For example is Colby Nichols’ newest zine titled Wolf Am I, featuring “an assortment of ideas that otherwise would not have gotten out.” I really love Colby’s style, with lots of fun doodles and patterns to browse through. My absolute favorite though is the top image that simply says “GNAR”, a word that Colby has been obsessed with now for years, or so he told me. I personally like the font that he drew together with the subtle blue lines combining them all.

Wolf Am I is 24 pages and is only $6, so be sure to check it out along with the rest of his work, including these awesome guitars he decorated!


Dave Franzese

I got an email from Dave Frenzese a couple days ago, and it was so exciting and well written that I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It was full of energy and great bits that I knew this guy had to be something cool. When I checked his site, I was damn right. Filled to the gills with awesome work. Dave’s style of art/design is totally inspired by comic books, first and foremost. He does everything by hand for the most part, though he’s starting to warm up to computers. Most of all he loves to keep things simple and tell a good joke in the process, making you laugh and enjoy yourself.

On his site you’ll find a bit of everything. There are bearded vampires, a project he calls The Third World, showing third world countries inhabited by 8 bit Nintendo creatures, lesbian porn turned into an epic, god-like battle (totally NSFW), and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. One of my favorite things he did was a video for LVHRD, where he and another guy dressed like A and B buttons and participated in a Wiimbldeon Tennis Tournament, and then another video where he plays bad and another girl plays good, and they go around doing what they do best.

He and his work are both extremely charming, so take like 20 minutes and check out all he has to offer.