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Feed the Animals by Girl Talk

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Like This by Girl Talk

If it were possible, I’d totally leave you all with some great music to listen to every weekend. Fortunately, Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk just dropped his newest album yesterday titled Feed the Animals, and you can download it for $5, $10, or for absolutely free. I chose the latter option, mostly because I wanted to hear it before I paid for it. If you pay $5 or more, you get “the options of FLAC files, plus a one-file seamless mix of the album”, and if you pay $10 or more you get “all of the above + a packaged CD (when it becomes available).” I’m not sure how much Gregg’s gonna’ make off this scheme, but I totally wish him well with it.

As for the music, it’s pretty much just like the last album Night Ripper, but I think it might be a little better. It’s a little tighter and crisper, with a ton more little samples thrown in. My personal favorite so far is Like This, which at about a minute in he starts mixing Ghetto Superstar with Yo La Tengo’s Autumn Sweater, then goes into Superstar by The Carpenters, directly into One by Metallica with Lip Gloss playing over the top of it. Awesome. Here’s a break down of all the samples used in every song.

Listen to the track above and if you like it, then you’ll probably be into the rest of it. And I just want to throw in there that the cover is pretty hot as well (no pun intended).


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, But Nicely Typeset

Of all the movies that are coming out this year, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is definitely in the top 5. I’m a huge fan of David Fincher (Fight Club is one of my very favorite movies) and the story itself just sounds so cool. As it turns out so is Jonathon McNicol, a designer from Connecticut who not only runs Chip Kidd’s website but also is a regular contributor to clusterflock. Jonathon, in all of his excitement, has decided to create a “proofread and nicely (hopefully) typeset” PDF version of the story, one chapter at a time over the next 11 days.

I’ve already read the first chapter and it’s beautifully put together and gets me really excited to see the movie. My only hesitation is that I’ll know hwo the movie ends, but I guess it would be better to stay true and read the book then worry about the movie? Where do my morals stand?! P.S. I put the paper pattern behind the page up there, just so you all didn’t have to stare at an almost blank page.


Wolf Am I by Colby Nichols

Seeing how most everything is going digital these days, it’s nice to see that a lot of people are still into hand-making things. For example is Colby Nichols’ newest zine titled Wolf Am I, featuring “an assortment of ideas that otherwise would not have gotten out.” I really love Colby’s style, with lots of fun doodles and patterns to browse through. My absolute favorite though is the top image that simply says “GNAR”, a word that Colby has been obsessed with now for years, or so he told me. I personally like the font that he drew together with the subtle blue lines combining them all.

Wolf Am I is 24 pages and is only $6, so be sure to check it out along with the rest of his work, including these awesome guitars he decorated!


Dave Franzese

I got an email from Dave Frenzese a couple days ago, and it was so exciting and well written that I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It was full of energy and great bits that I knew this guy had to be something cool. When I checked his site, I was damn right. Filled to the gills with awesome work. Dave’s style of art/design is totally inspired by comic books, first and foremost. He does everything by hand for the most part, though he’s starting to warm up to computers. Most of all he loves to keep things simple and tell a good joke in the process, making you laugh and enjoy yourself.

On his site you’ll find a bit of everything. There are bearded vampires, a project he calls The Third World, showing third world countries inhabited by 8 bit Nintendo creatures, lesbian porn turned into an epic, god-like battle (totally NSFW), and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. One of my favorite things he did was a video for LVHRD, where he and another guy dressed like A and B buttons and participated in a Wiimbldeon Tennis Tournament, and then another video where he plays bad and another girl plays good, and they go around doing what they do best.

He and his work are both extremely charming, so take like 20 minutes and check out all he has to offer.


Megapuss with Lauren Dukoff at The Hammer

Last night I had the pleasure of going to The Hammer museum for a concert by a band called Megapuss along with the photos of Lauren Dukoff. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, though I know I liked Lauren’s photos, and I had heard rumors that Megapuss was the new side-project of Devendra Banhart. Well it turns out the rumors were true, Devendra, along with Priestbird drummer Greg Rogove and two other fellows (and a harpist for one song), are Megapuss.

The whole thing took place out in the courtyard of The Hammer, which is an absolutely beautiful place to see a concert. They ended up playing for about an hour, playing songs titled things like Duck People Duck Man, Chicken Titties, and Surf. They sounded a lot like Devendra, maybe a little more Beach Boys-esque, but still just as weird and awesome. This was their first show, so they were all over the place, playing a lot of Tears for Fears in-between songs. I also just want to say that Devendra Banhart is the funniest, most charming man alive. His banter was great and he seemed like a very genuine, nice guy. I also spotted Natalie Portman hanging out at the show, and I guess my friend Kelly talked to her about her racist dog. No idea what that means.

Check out Megapuss’ MySpace to get a taste of what’s to come! Also be sure to check under the cut for one more photo I took!

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Artur Neufeld

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Artur Neufeld

Artur Neufeld

One of the things I’m really trying to push lately is to get art from younger, less established artists, who still totally make some great work. That’s the case with Mr. Artur Neufeld up there, a 17 year old artist from Germany who I came across through the Behance Network. One day Artur decided he wanted to learn how to use Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, and now he’s cranking out awesome pieces like the one above.

I had seen another piece that Artur did using 3D Max to create beautiful fonts in these rather calm, urban environments, so I was hoping he could do something similar to that. Instead, he did this amazing chase scene with the words Kitsune Noir being the unfortunate victim of a hit and run. I love all the bits and shards flying everywhere in this photo, you can stare at it forever. This is also the first time a photo has been used in the DWP, not counting Dash Shaw’s cat, haha…

I hope you guys enjoy this weeks design and check back next week for another awesome desktop.

Pictures of Success | A Kitsune Noir Mini-Mix

Pictures of Success | A Kitsune Noir Mini-Mix
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Since summer is here I’ve been looking for more and more new summer music to listen to, so I decided to get a Best of Paul Simon album. This was the catalyst for this new mix, which is more of a mini-mix because it’s not even 30 minutes long. Basically I heard Paul Simon’s Kodachrome and thought, I should make a fun photo/camera kind of mix. Well I didn’t want to stuff this mix with songs because they had something vaguely to do with cameras or photography, so what you get is a very to the point mix with no frills, just a good time.

The front and back covers were obviously inspired by old Kodachrome film, but it’s a very bastardized version. I basically went on a big image hunt to find packaging and type references to make it look convincing without being a direct ripoff. Of note, the price tag was taken directly from a box of Kodachrome. I hope you all enjoy it, and it’ll hold you over till I make a much more epic mix.

01 Kodachrome by Paul Simon
02 Photo Jenny by Belle & Sebastian
03 Click Click Click Click by Bishop Allen
04 I Turn My Camera On by Spoon
05 Photograph by Air
06 Pictures of Success by Rilo Kiley
07 The Song for Kelly Huckaby


Spore Creature Editor Is Out!

I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for some sort of Spore goodness, and finally my prayers have been answered. Today saw the release of the new Spore Creature Editor, which gives you a taste of how the game is going to look and feel. All you have to do is download and install it and you’re ready to go. I’m really happy that EA has decided to make this available for both PC and Mac, considering just how many people are switching over to Mac.

The little critters you see above are some that I made. I think I called the big one Baxter. The little things behind him are what his/her/it’s babies look like. The editor was actually pretty easy to use, although the free demo is limited to 25% of the customizable options. If you’re on PC you can purchase the full Creator for $9.95, but it’s not available for Mac users yet. The first creature I made though had a slight glitch, his legs kept going on backwards, but after I restarted it everything was totally fine. It’s really fun because you can literally do ANYTHING with what you make. Give your creature tiny arms or arms that drag on the ground, different types of skulls, feet, tails, claws, horns… and this is only describing the free 25%.

If you have any interest at all in this game definitely checkout the creature maker and waste some time making something awesome.


Masked Karimbah Vinyl Toy by Paul Pope

There hasn’t been much exciting Paul Pope news lately, this is probably because he’s been working on two giant projects. The first is his line of clothes for Diesel called 2089 which I posted about in April. But there’s a brand new project he’s doing where he’s teamed up with the folks over at Kid Robot to create a vinyl toy, a new branch for Paul.

Originally they wanted to create a line of vinyl figures based around his comic book THB, but it’s been at least a year, possibly two, since the last issue of the comic came out. So instead they’ve decided to com out with the Masked Karimbah, which is a character in the THB universe, although he’s only been seen on a kid’s television show. What’s really cool about this toy though is that Masked Karimbah’s dog is ACTUALLY the size of a Boston Terrier. That’s one damn big vinyl toy.

Here’s the deal though. The toy is limited to 300, is going to go for $150, and will only be available at the San Diego Comic Convention. Why do I have to be unemployed now?! haha…


Ryohei Hase

Ryohei Hase has been making the rounds on several blogs lately, so you might have already heard of this guy. Ryohei is a Tokyo based illustrator who creates amazing “realistic fantasy art”, which as you can see above is a pretty apt description. The images above are from a piece called Go Forward and Forward and features a ton of rabbit headed boys frantically struggling and fighting for something, but holy shit is it intense. This was the piece that really made my mouth drop open. Check out the rest of his work as well, he’s got plenty of amazing pieces!