New Work from Ron Kurniawan

Los Angeles based artist Ron Kurniawan recently updated his online portfolio and I’m in love with it. I posted last year about Ron’s work but I’d definitely say that’s he made leaps and bounds since then. His work still reminds somewhat of Jeff Soto but not I feel like he’s taken more of a turn towards James Jean, with a tons of amazingly beautiful colors and a dash of surrealism. The image at top was done for Men’s Health Germany and the one below that is titled CarSick. I would love to have this hanging up above my fireplace, if I had said fireplace. Take a visit to Ron’s site and check out the rest of the goodies!

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Since I have a lot of free time these days, I’ve actually taken the opportunity to actually relax. I work out almost every day, clean my apartment, and I’ve also started a new obsession… Intelligentsia coffee. I stopped drinking a coffee for a while, it just didn’t agree with me very well. But last August an Intelligentsia opened up down the street from my apartment, one of a handful in the country. Over the weekend Frank and I needed a place to sit outside and drink cool beverages, so we decided to try it out.

Well we ended up really liking it. I had an iced latte and he had a spicy ginger soda. They have misters outside to cool everyone down, beautiful tiles, and the people hanging out are always interesting. What’s cool is that they also have an online store where you can buy their coffee from. I’ve been 3 times in the last week, that’s how good the coffee is. I also love they’re logo and packaging by the way, The Dieline actually just ran a post about the packaging for the coffee last week as well. Definitely check out their site at the very least, and if you happen to be in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by.


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Malin + Goetz Bergamot Body Wash

A couple weeks ago I ordered some Malin + Goetz body wash because I was running out of the horrible body wash I had. Last Friday I received it and was so excited to try it out. I’d heard a lot of good praise about their products for a while, specifically from people who’ve stayed at an Ace Hotel.

When I opened the package I was smiling because the body wash came in a cute paper bag (I’m guessing this is what you get when you shop at their store in NY?), and there were samples of some of their other products as well, such a good idea to sucker me in. I still have the paper bag, that’s how cute I thought it was, with the print of the bottle on the front and back, as you can see above. I also love the design of their bottles, simple Helvetica in different font weights and bold colors. I think the point being is that what’s in the bottle is more important than the package itself.

I tried out the body wash and I actually really liked it. The flavor is bergamot, which is not like a citrus-y, bergamot orange smell, it’s actually a spice that’s techincally named Monarda didyma. Yeah, I was so curious that I did my homework on this one. It’s a very strong, manly smell, but you don’t leave the shower reeking of it either. It’s also a good pick-me-up in the morning, which is also helpful.

On a side note I want to say that I emailed M + G to get my tracking number because I wasn’t sure when my package was arriving. I actually received an email back from Andrew Goetz, or at least a well trained intern pretending to be Andrew. Either way, I got an email back in exactly 10 minutes, and he was totally nice and helpful, and I figured if there service was that good, their products are probably going to be just as good. Turns out I was right.


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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Neil Doshi

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Neil Doshi

Neil Doshi

Hey look, it’s Wednesday! This week’s DWP artist hails all the way from Montréal, Canada and has to be one of the nicest guys I’ve met through the blog. Oh yeah, and he’s an really awesome artist! I came across Neil Doshi’s work last year some time and was really impressed by his immense creativity and his love of patterns. I even got to meet him as he traveled through California on a secret mission and he was an extremely down to earth guy who was very thoughtful and really into his art. He’s also been rather busy as well, with two big projects that have come out in the last few months. First he had a shirt put out by The Quiet Life called Right On Fight On, the proceeds of which went to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure.

More recently he’s joined up with Engrave Your Book, creating a design called Drawing Yourself Into a Corner which you can have laser engraved onto a crazy amount of items. He’s also decided to share a modified version of this awesome design so you can have it on your desktop aas well! I love all the crazy details and patterns he put into the piece, it’ll definitely keep your eyes busy.

As for next week, well, I’ll be announcing something big. Not “crazy” big, but “really fun” big, and I think you’ll all be pretty jazzed about it. So be extra-sure to check back in next week.

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Mario Hugo

Where as yesterday things were a bit more colorful, today I’m feeling a little more minimal, at least when it comes to palette and form. So it was nice to see the work of Mario Hugo once again, thanks to a reminder by the folks at Changethethought. Mario’s online portfolio has already been updated with over 10 projects, but my personal favorite was definitely his spec work for Beck.

Mario was asked to develop “non-verbal,bold, iconic concepts for Beck’s newest album”, and man he did an amazing job. My guess is that it was too minimal for Beck’s usually outrageous and over the top style, but I’m really glad Mario was able to share what he created with the rest of us. Even though the pieces are done in only cream and black, they’re amazingly striking, filled with tons of different patterns and amazing shapes. I love the wood grains you see above, clean, contemporary and so completely graphic.

Check the rest of Mario’s work, especially if you haven’t been in a while!


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KOR ONE Water Bottle

Living in LA you see a lot of people sucking down bottles of Voss like it contains the fountain of youth when in actuality they’re wasting $5 for a glass bottle filled with purified tap water. For me personally, a nalgene has been a great way to carry water around, tap water is fine, thank you. But the folks over at RKS have decided to take water bottles up a notch with their new design called KOR ONE.

The KOR ONE is trying to elevate design in water bottles so that people will feel hip and cool with one in their hand, but at the same time, stopping you from buying plastic or glass water bottles that you end up throwing away and don’t get recycled. The bottle is made from a “copolyester called Tritan”, which unlike most plastic water bottles doesn’t contain those gross chemicals that everyone warns you about. So you’re helping the environment in a big way, keeping yourself from drinking gross stuff, and you happen to look rather stylish at the same time. I totally dig it.

The one downside is that the KOR ONE is going to be $30 when it’s released August 1st, but if you didn’t have to buy another bottle for at least 5 years, that’s a big savings, right? Head over to their site and check it out for yourself.


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Beast with a Billion Backs

My inner nerd is crying tears of pure joy because the new Futurama movie, Beast With A Billion Backs, is out today! I’m a giant Futurama fan (it’s way better than Family Guy, I’m sorry) so it’s so fun that they keep releasing these movies to continue the fun. In this movie an anamoly is discovered out in space, so Professor Farnsworth and the rest of the Planet Express crew go to investigate it, but are blown through space after Bender puts his shiny metal ass in it. Realizing only organic matter can go through, they decided to let Zapp Branigan destroy whatever is in there instead of further studying it. But Fry is able to get on board Zapp’s ship and get through the portal first, discovering a giant tentacle being voiced by David Cross.

I summed this up pretty poorly, but that’s the gist of. Plus you have the video above to show you what I’m trying to say. I’ve also put another video under the cut which shows some more scenes as well as David Cross talking about how he can be such an amazing voice actor. Enjoy.

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Never Been by Stuart Kolakovic

Though I don’t post a lot about it, I really love me some folk-ish art. I was raised by my mother who drag me to craft fairs all the time, which made me kind of hate anything of the sort. But then I was introduced to the work of Margaret Kilgallen and my perception was totally and completely changed. Stuart Kolakovic’s work gives me the same feeling as Kilgallen’s does, maybe with a touch of Kara Walker’s sense of narrative.

Stuart recently did a giant mural for his solo show at Projeckts MCR, which he’s now scanned in and put online with the help of his brother Adam. The mural is titled Never Been, and has now become and interactive art project that is absolutely stunning and mind blowing. You go through the mural by dragging your mosue across the screen, slowly exploring this beautiful world that Stuart has created, filled with the most beautiful, muted colors and thousands of minute details. One of the first images you come across is an old woman sitting on the shore of the ocean, her dress made up of patchwork quilts, all featuring the most amazing patterns.

As you go you start to realize that you’re following the trials and tribulations of a small family. A man falls in love with a woman, the seasons change, there’s life, there’s death, happiness and sorrow. When you look at this, definitely take the time to figure out which are the main characters in the story, and go from there, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.


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