The Amazing Photos of Mitchell Feinberg

Making the mundane into something incredible isn’t anything new, but when it looks as delicious as the photos of Mitchell Feinberg, well then you really have something. I knew of Mitch’s photography through my last job, he shared an agent with my old job, but it wasn’t until I was reading in the newest issue of GQ that I was reminded of how amazing he is. He’s basically one of the premiere product photographers in the world. The man has shot just about anything you can think of for about every magazine out there. I personally think what he does is a slice of amazing.

The photos above are from a story titled My Sweet Life, which is basically writer Alan Richamn’s grand ode to all of the amazing types of desserts there are out there. The story is cute and clever and really does cover most any dessert you could think of, but the story is enhanced so very much by Feiberg’s photos. The top photo of the chocolate cake truly looks like heaven in every way, and the pile of California brittle below that makes my mouth water. I’ve put two more photos from the shoot under the cut as well, a root beer float and some beautiful salt water taffy.


June 30, 2008