i-D Magazine Interviews KAWS

This months issue of i-D Magazine features a collaboration with graffiti/artist/creative genius KAWS and man does it look epic. The issue features that whole crew of people including BAPE founder Nigo, Kanye, Pharell, and I’m sure everyone else in that whole scene. I just think it’s rad that they let KAWS art direct the whole issue, including illustrations over the fashion spreads and the such. Hypebeast posted this interview that i-D did with Kaws and it’s kind of cool to see him speak about the process and his own work. Having met a few pretty amazing artists over the last year of running this blog, I always find it extremely interesting to see what artists, these people who I so admire, are really like. So far they’ve all been extremely cool and nice, and KAWS seems equally so as well.


June 30, 2008