Jörn Kaspuhl

German illustrator Jörn Kaspuhl’s site has been sitting in a tab in my browser for way too long now, so I definitely think it’s time to talk about him. Jörn was born in Stade, Germany, then moved to Hamburg in 2002 where he studied illustration as well as working freelance since then.

Going through his site he’s got a really good blend of projects, but I was really into his portraits. First off, the people you see above are Jarvis Cocker and Bonnie Prince Billy, just in case you didn’t know. Second,I really like that he’s created these really odd and amazing looks on their faces, his other portraits are very similar in style as well. I’m also totally digging the color palette of these as well, the Jarvis Cocker one specifically. He also has some realyl great music illustrations and editorial work, so take a minute and check out his work.


June 29, 2008