How To Make A Tord Boontje Rug

Reading through the newest issue of Dwell I came across this awesome little article about the process of coming up with and creating Little Field of Flowers, the beautiful Tord Boontje rug I want so badly.

The article outlines the process Tord and his team went through, designing the rug and the shapes and patterns of the leaves. Then after that they ran through several prototypes, trying to figure out what was right. At first the rug was going to be a simple relief, but Tord didn’t like that and push the folks at Nanimarquina to try something more bold. They decided to die cut the flowers out of bright colored industrial felt, with 3 different patterns coming in 3 different colorways. After that the flowers are weaved together on giant looms, taking about one day to complete an entire rug.

The article is pretty brief but it’s definitely worth checking out. Sadly, it’s not online or I would point you to it.


June 29, 2008