Raymond Biesinger

A staple of every good magazine is the illustrator. Not every article needs a photograph and often times an info-graphic alone can help you decide whether or not the story is something you want to read. One such person who absolutely excels at this practice is Raymond Biesinger.

Raymond is a Canadian illustrator who’s style reminds me of old school prints or illustrations in books from the 50’s. Everything has this mildly gritty appearance and nothing is quite perfect. Those textures and imperfections are what I find so beautiful and amazing. I’m also in love with how much black and white work he does. The blacks feel so saturated somehow, I don’t know how he does. He’s also rather good with colors as well, but he uses them rather sparingly. I’ve put a couple more images under the cut, so be sure to check those out as well.


June 27, 2008