Praq by Tjep.

I was inspired today to post some architecture, so I was really happy when I came across this amazing little restaurant called Prak. Prak is a unique concept that creates a place to eat that’s both fun for kids and adults, sort of like a well-designed, contemporary, Chuck E. Cheese!

The space was designed by the folks over at Tjep., a Dutch design agency that actually makes a ton of amazing stuff. I feel like they did such an amazing job that it’s hard to know where to start! First thing I noticed is all the great shapes and exposed wood beams. Then probably the color palette which is pretty much natural wood, white, teal blues, pinks, and oranges. I also really love that they mixed giant pieces of colorful acrylic with a more traditional furniture pieces. The only downside I could see to this place is that unfortunately, it’s made for children to run around in!

I also thought it was cute that Praq in Dutch means “mashed food”! Definitely check out the rest of Tjep.’s work, it totally made my day so far.


June 26, 2008