Mario Hugo

Where as yesterday things were a bit more colorful, today I’m feeling a little more minimal, at least when it comes to palette and form. So it was nice to see the work of Mario Hugo once again, thanks to a reminder by the folks at Changethethought. Mario’s online portfolio has already been updated with over 10 projects, but my personal favorite was definitely his spec work for Beck.

Mario was asked to develop “non-verbal,bold, iconic concepts for Beck’s newest album”, and man he did an amazing job. My guess is that it was too minimal for Beck’s usually outrageous and over the top style, but I’m really glad Mario was able to share what he created with the rest of us. Even though the pieces are done in only cream and black, they’re amazingly striking, filled with tons of different patterns and amazing shapes. I love the wood grains you see above, clean, contemporary and so completely graphic.

Check the rest of Mario’s work, especially if you haven’t been in a while!


June 24, 2008