KOR ONE Water Bottle

Living in LA you see a lot of people sucking down bottles of Voss like it contains the fountain of youth when in actuality they’re wasting $5 for a glass bottle filled with purified tap water. For me personally, a nalgene has been a great way to carry water around, tap water is fine, thank you. But the folks over at RKS have decided to take water bottles up a notch with their new design called KOR ONE.

The KOR ONE is trying to elevate design in water bottles so that people will feel hip and cool with one in their hand, but at the same time, stopping you from buying plastic or glass water bottles that you end up throwing away and don’t get recycled. The bottle is made from a “copolyester called Tritan”, which unlike most plastic water bottles doesn’t contain those gross chemicals that everyone warns you about. So you’re helping the environment in a big way, keeping yourself from drinking gross stuff, and you happen to look rather stylish at the same time. I totally dig it.

The one downside is that the KOR ONE is going to be $30 when it’s released August 1st, but if you didn’t have to buy another bottle for at least 5 years, that’s a big savings, right? Head over to their site and check it out for yourself.


June 24, 2008