Beast with a Billion Backs

My inner nerd is crying tears of pure joy because the new Futurama movie, Beast With A Billion Backs, is out today! I’m a giant Futurama fan (it’s way better than Family Guy, I’m sorry) so it’s so fun that they keep releasing these movies to continue the fun. In this movie an anamoly is discovered out in space, so Professor Farnsworth and the rest of the Planet Express crew go to investigate it, but are blown through space after Bender puts his shiny metal ass in it. Realizing only organic matter can go through, they decided to let Zapp Branigan destroy whatever is in there instead of further studying it. But Fry is able to get on board Zapp’s ship and get through the portal first, discovering a giant tentacle being voiced by David Cross.

I summed this up pretty poorly, but that’s the gist of. Plus you have the video above to show you what I’m trying to say. I’ve also put another video under the cut which shows some more scenes as well as David Cross talking about how he can be such an amazing voice actor. Enjoy.


June 24, 2008