Never Been by Stuart Kolakovic

Though I don’t post a lot about it, I really love me some folk-ish art. I was raised by my mother who drag me to craft fairs all the time, which made me kind of hate anything of the sort. But then I was introduced to the work of Margaret Kilgallen and my perception was totally and completely changed. Stuart Kolakovic’s work gives me the same feeling as Kilgallen’s does, maybe with a touch of Kara Walker’s sense of narrative.

Stuart recently did a giant mural for his solo show at Projeckts MCR, which he’s now scanned in and put online with the help of his brother Adam. The mural is titled Never Been, and has now become and interactive art project that is absolutely stunning and mind blowing. You go through the mural by dragging your mosue across the screen, slowly exploring this beautiful world that Stuart has created, filled with the most beautiful, muted colors and thousands of minute details. One of the first images you come across is an old woman sitting on the shore of the ocean, her dress made up of patchwork quilts, all featuring the most amazing patterns.

As you go you start to realize that you’re following the trials and tribulations of a small family. A man falls in love with a woman, the seasons change, there’s life, there’s death, happiness and sorrow. When you look at this, definitely take the time to figure out which are the main characters in the story, and go from there, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.


June 23, 2008