It’s finally cooling down here in LA and it turned out to be a pretty beautiful day today, so I figure it makes sense to post some things today that sort of reflect that. Guillaumit is an illustrator and designer from Bordeaux, France who can pretty much do it all. On his site you can se examples of t-shirt graphics, magazine illustrations, paper toys, character design and about 100 other things as well. I really love his clean bold style and the colors he uses are so bright and fun. Be sure to check out the end of his site as well where there’s these random images of violence, but done in his incredibly playful style. My favorite is the nerdy guy with the calculator watch gnawing on an arm, haha…

Update: Just got the newest Threadless newsletter and Guillaumit has a new t-shirt that just came out! Total coincidence, I swear! He also has two other designs over at Coltesse as well, so basically you could wear nothing but Guillaumit all the time.


June 23, 2008