Happy Monday everyone! I was totally surprised to see that you all enjoyed my last food post so much, so I thought I’d sort of follow it up with something else that I’ve been enjoying in a similar vein, a little blog called FRANK | FOOD. For the record, Frank is one of my very best friends. But he’s also the best damn cook I know.

Because of his amazing skills in the kitchen and good taste in food in general, I decided to help make him a blog where he could write about and show off all the delicious things he creates, as well as any other delicious foods and drinks he comes across. Frank hosts a pretty regular dinner every Sunday night at his house, and I’m thankfully invited quite often, and all I can say is the man is a genius. Reading his blog I get totally inspired and excited, as it features photos of all his creations and finds as well as recipes for some of the larger meals. He also updates it regularly, usually every day or two, so you can check in often to see what he’s cooking up!

I hope you enjoy seeing what Frank is creating as I much as I enjoy eating it!


June 23, 2008