Feed the Animals by Girl Talk

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Like This by Girl Talk

If it were possible, I’d totally leave you all with some great music to listen to every weekend. Fortunately, Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk just dropped his newest album yesterday titled Feed the Animals, and you can download it for $5, $10, or for absolutely free. I chose the latter option, mostly because I wanted to hear it before I paid for it. If you pay $5 or more, you get “the options of FLAC files, plus a one-file seamless mix of the album”, and if you pay $10 or more you get “all of the above + a packaged CD (when it becomes available).” I’m not sure how much Gregg’s gonna’ make off this scheme, but I totally wish him well with it.

As for the music, it’s pretty much just like the last album Night Ripper, but I think it might be a little better. It’s a little tighter and crisper, with a ton more little samples thrown in. My personal favorite so far is Like This, which at about a minute in he starts mixing Ghetto Superstar with Yo La Tengo’s Autumn Sweater, then goes into Superstar by The Carpenters, directly into One by Metallica with Lip Gloss playing over the top of it. Awesome. Here’s a break down of all the samples used in every song.

Listen to the track above and if you like it, then you’ll probably be into the rest of it. And I just want to throw in there that the cover is pretty hot as well (no pun intended).


June 20, 2008