The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, But Nicely Typeset

Of all the movies that are coming out this year, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is definitely in the top 5. I’m a huge fan of David Fincher (Fight Club is one of my very favorite movies) and the story itself just sounds so cool. As it turns out so is Jonathon McNicol, a designer from Connecticut who not only runs Chip Kidd’s website but also is a regular contributor to clusterflock. Jonathon, in all of his excitement, has decided to create a “proofread and nicely (hopefully) typeset” PDF version of the story, one chapter at a time over the next 11 days.

I’ve already read the first chapter and it’s beautifully put together and gets me really excited to see the movie. My only hesitation is that I’ll know hwo the movie ends, but I guess it would be better to stay true and read the book then worry about the movie? Where do my morals stand?! P.S. I put the paper pattern behind the page up there, just so you all didn’t have to stare at an almost blank page.


June 19, 2008