Megapuss with Lauren Dukoff at The Hammer

Last night I had the pleasure of going to The Hammer museum for a concert by a band called Megapuss along with the photos of Lauren Dukoff. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, though I know I liked Lauren’s photos, and I had heard rumors that Megapuss was the new side-project of Devendra Banhart. Well it turns out the rumors were true, Devendra, along with Priestbird drummer Greg Rogove and two other fellows (and a harpist for one song), are Megapuss.

The whole thing took place out in the courtyard of The Hammer, which is an absolutely beautiful place to see a concert. They ended up playing for about an hour, playing songs titled things like Duck People Duck Man, Chicken Titties, and Surf. They sounded a lot like Devendra, maybe a little more Beach Boys-esque, but still just as weird and awesome. This was their first show, so they were all over the place, playing a lot of Tears for Fears in-between songs. I also just want to say that Devendra Banhart is the funniest, most charming man alive. His banter was great and he seemed like a very genuine, nice guy. I also spotted Natalie Portman hanging out at the show, and I guess my friend Kelly talked to her about her racist dog. No idea what that means.

Check out Megapuss’ MySpace to get a taste of what’s to come! Also be sure to check under the cut for one more photo I took!


June 19, 2008