Dave Franzese

I got an email from Dave Frenzese a couple days ago, and it was so exciting and well written that I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. It was full of energy and great bits that I knew this guy had to be something cool. When I checked his site, I was damn right. Filled to the gills with awesome work. Dave’s style of art/design is totally inspired by comic books, first and foremost. He does everything by hand for the most part, though he’s starting to warm up to computers. Most of all he loves to keep things simple and tell a good joke in the process, making you laugh and enjoy yourself.

On his site you’ll find a bit of everything. There are bearded vampires, a project he calls The Third World, showing third world countries inhabited by 8 bit Nintendo creatures, lesbian porn turned into an epic, god-like battle (totally NSFW), and that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. One of my favorite things he did was a video for LVHRD, where he and another guy dressed like A and B buttons and participated in a Wiimbldeon Tennis Tournament, and then another video where he plays bad and another girl plays good, and they go around doing what they do best.

He and his work are both extremely charming, so take like 20 minutes and check out all he has to offer.


June 19, 2008