Pictures of Success | A Kitsune Noir Mini-Mix

Pictures of Success | A Kitsune Noir Mini-Mix
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Since summer is here I’ve been looking for more and more new summer music to listen to, so I decided to get a Best of Paul Simon album. This was the catalyst for this new mix, which is more of a mini-mix because it’s not even 30 minutes long. Basically I heard Paul Simon’s Kodachrome and thought, I should make a fun photo/camera kind of mix. Well I didn’t want to stuff this mix with songs because they had something vaguely to do with cameras or photography, so what you get is a very to the point mix with no frills, just a good time.

The front and back covers were obviously inspired by old Kodachrome film, but it’s a very bastardized version. I basically went on a big image hunt to find packaging and type references to make it look convincing without being a direct ripoff. Of note, the price tag was taken directly from a box of Kodachrome. I hope you all enjoy it, and it’ll hold you over till I make a much more epic mix.

01 Kodachrome by Paul Simon
02 Photo Jenny by Belle & Sebastian
03 Click Click Click Click by Bishop Allen
04 I Turn My Camera On by Spoon
05 Photograph by Air
06 Pictures of Success by Rilo Kiley
07 The Song for Kelly Huckaby


June 17, 2008