Masked Karimbah Vinyl Toy by Paul Pope

There hasn’t been much exciting Paul Pope news lately, this is probably because he’s been working on two giant projects. The first is his line of clothes for Diesel called 2089 which I posted about in April. But there’s a brand new project he’s doing where he’s teamed up with the folks over at Kid Robot to create a vinyl toy, a new branch for Paul.

Originally they wanted to create a line of vinyl figures based around his comic book THB, but it’s been at least a year, possibly two, since the last issue of the comic came out. So instead they’ve decided to com out with the Masked Karimbah, which is a character in the THB universe, although he’s only been seen on a kid’s television show. What’s really cool about this toy though is that Masked Karimbah’s dog is ACTUALLY the size of a Boston Terrier. That’s one damn big vinyl toy.

Here’s the deal though. The toy is limited to 300, is going to go for $150, and will only be available at the San Diego Comic Convention. Why do I have to be unemployed now?! haha…


June 17, 2008