The Desktop Wallpaper Project Gets Name Dropped!

I noticed early this morning that I was getting a steady flow of traffic from a site called Ehrensenf, something that I’d never heard of before, but I was still half-awake so I didn’t really bother to check into it anymore than that. After sufficiently waking up though I visited the site and saw there was a video, but it was all in German. So I decided to watch the video, and what do you know, around 2:20 in they talk about The Desktop Wallpaper Project… and then they say my name. I start laughing hysterically and dance around the room. Hearing your name in an online German show is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever, it totally made my day today.

I asked my friend FW to translate it for me and this is what it roughly says:

Why should you put art on the wall when you can have them for free on the internet at the website of Bobby Solomon where you get high quality wallpapers by artists and designers every Wednesday?

I would have loved to hear her say Kitsune Noir, that would have been incredible.
Thanks Ehrensenf!


June 16, 2008