Take Ivy, Photos by T. Hayashida

I was pouring over the website of amazing menswear company Blackbird when I came across this amazing book called Take Ivy. Take Ivy was the product of Japanese photographer T. Hashiyada, who traveled to America to photograph the fashion of ivy league schools. The result is amazing, a beautiful portrait of fashion in the late sixties. What’s also so remarkable is how much this prep school style is coming back into vogue. I mean, this is pretty much the style I’m personally going for these days, maybe a bit more contemporary, but what’s in these photos is definitely the building blocks of today’s style.

The book was found by Michael Williams over at A Continuous Lean who was awesome enough to scan a ton of the pages from the book. I’ve posted some photos from the book under the cut but you can also see more of Michael’s scans here and here. Also be sure to check out the rest of Michael’s site as well, it’s totally worth a damn and I’ve thrown it into my Daily Sites in the sidebar as well.


June 15, 2008