Graph Paper Vans and Halftone Sandals

I’m only 25 but a lot of the time I feel like an old man. Slowly I’ve started to buy fewer graphic tees and have tried to filter in more collared shirts, basic patterns, and thin stripes. These changes also extend to my footwear as well, as I no longer wear the same black slip-on Vans day in and day out. It kind of surprises me that I don’t talk about fashion on here more, considering how I think about it all the time. So I thought I’d share a couple of recent purchases on here that I’ve been in love with.

First off is my pair of graph paper Vans. I actually bought these at this great little boutique in my hometown of Roseville called Heritage (not to be confused with the Forever 21 offshoot). I love that their minimal but still have that wonderful pattern on them. The black lines also takes away some of the irony of it being graph paper pattern, they do come in a traditional blue pattern as well. They’re also only two weeks old, but I really hate bright white shoes, so I’ve been a bit with rough with them so that they look well-loved now. The best part of these is that they were only $45, which is pretty unbeatable. I’m a firm believer in not having to spend a lot of money to look good.

Which brings me to my next purchase, the halftone sandals you see above which I picked up from H&M for a whopping $6! I love these because they’re almost a check pattern, but they’re halftoned as well. So very simple but still really fun. I’m sure the print will rub off by the summer, but for $6, who cares?


June 15, 2008